Thank You Texas Master Naturalist Volunteers

We want to take a minute every day to say THANK YOU for all that you do for our natural resources– not just on Earth Day or National Volunteer Week…. but EVERY DAY no matter what the day!!!
Through the latest reporting year of 2013 (during which Texas Master Naturalist (TMN) celebrated its 15th anniversary) and to date, Texas Master Naturalists have reported:

  • trained 712 new TMN volunteers through 42 chapters in 2013. From inception through 2013 a total of 8,852 volunteers have been trained.
  • there are 42 TMN chapters statewide with one in development.

Mother Neff State Park

  • 349,240 service hours were reported by TMN volunteers throughout the 2013 calendar year. This service is valued at $7.73* Million(*National value of volunteer service per hour by the Independent To date, over 2,434,254 hours (valued at $53.89 Million) have been reported to the TMN program. As per the terms of our current federal grant the value of our 2013 service hours is $6.81 Million and $47.47 Million for the cumulative service hours)
  • over 5,302 outreach events were conducted by TMN volunteers in 2013. Of those events, 3,407 were Direct Outreach events reaching some 280,8401 people. Through 2013, TMN volunteers have reached more than 4.1 Million people.
  • 7,538 new acres were impacted in 2013 through TMN volunteer stewardship projects and management plans and over 206,300 acres have been impacted to date.
  • 72.1 new trail miles were developed and/or maintained through new TMN service projects in 2013. To date, over 1,866.27 trail miles have been impacted.
  • 20 new partnerships were developed by TMN chapters statewide in 2013 with over 370 partnership established statewide.
  • 7 volunteers received the 5,000-hour service award in 2013
  • 1 volunteer received the 10,000 hour service award in 2013.

TMN Class
The volunteer work and assistance that you provide our agencies on a daily basis is such a vital part of our existence… Quite simply, we could not accomplish much of what we do without your help! Your everyday activity is making a difference for Texas’ natural resources and natural areas. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank you!!! (I don’t think I can ever say it enough!!!)

The work that you do and the accomplishments you have never goes unnoticed! Check out the link below for more Thank You’ s from our agency directors and see our home page for news about our TMN program recently being named the TCEQ Environmental Excellence Award Winner in the Civic/Community Category too!

Thank you,
Michelle Haggerty
Michelle M. Haggerty
Texas Master Naturalist State Program Coordinator
309 Sidney Baker South
Kerrville, TX 78028
O: 830-896-2504
Texas Master Naturalist website:

Congratulations to the TWA 2014 Adult Volunteers of the Year- Paul and Charlie Grindstaff!

Paul and Charlie

Paul and Charlie have been Conservation Education volunteers in the DFW area. They have rearranged their personal schedules to always be available when needed. Many times this past year, volunteering 2 or 3 days a week, they have attended almost every field investigation day held in the DFW area, many times bringing other volunteers with them. They have presented at trainings/workshops growing each day as outdoor educators. Paul and Charlie are always finding new ways to make real world connections for students with the material they are presenting. And without fail, Paul & Charlie always are the last volunteers to leave, helping clean up and load up trailers.

They are also Master Naturalists who are always recruiting new volunteers from the Master Naturalists groups around the DFW area. They have spoken at different events, written letters, touting TWA’s youth education programs. The volunteer base has doubled in the DFW area because of Paul and Charlie’s efforts, and continues to grow. Paul and Charlie are invaluable to TWA and the L.A.N.D.S. Program. We are honored and grateful for their outstanding efforts. Thank you for all that you have done!

Thank You

April 2014, issue of “Texas Parks and Wildlife” magazine

From the pen of Carter P. Smith:

“Their talents are many.
Their time is a godsend.
And, if they were an army, they would be a formidable one.”

In thanks to the Texas Master Naturalist Volunteers for the almost one million hours you gave us in volunteer support during 2013.

Read the full article from the April 2014 issue of “Texas Parks and Wildlife” magazine.

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