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  • The online National Library for the Environment includes many free resources, including 692 excellent (objective, nonpartisan, technically accurate) reports produced by the Congressional Research Service.
  • American Bird Conservancy -
    information on threats to wildlife.
  • USFWS images -
    wildlife images in the public domain, two sites to start with are the USFWS Image Library and the NOAA Photo Galleries
  • NatureServe provides authoritative conservation information in a searchable database for more than 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities of the United States and Canada.
  • – This new nature portal offers online searchable field guides to over 4,800 plant and animal species.
  • Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter – photographs, songs, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds. Looking for a great bird ID web site to share with callers or e-mailers? Try this one on the USGS site.
  • Nature Watch – - Do You Know Scat?
    People who spend a lot of time observing wildlife know that mammals leave clues behind: piles of acorns, nipped-off twigs, leaf nests, and the like. And that there is one trace that all mammals leave: SCAT (or droppings, or any number of less-polite terms). Take our Scat Quiz to find out!
  • SREL Herpetology – this wonderful herpetology identification web page from the
    Savannah River Ecology Lab and the University of Georgia. Lots of great
    photos and descriptions!
  • The UK’s Natural History Museum—Department of Entomology HOSTS is a database of the hostplants of the world’s butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) caterpillars.
  • Antbase is a website aimed at providing the best possible access to the wealth of information on ants.


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