2019 Annual Meeting Contests

Each year leading up to and held during the Annual Meeting, we host a series of contests, including the Annual Project Fair, Advisor Awards, Photo, Art & Media Contest, and the Video Contest. These are each listed below, along with their deadlines and rules for entry or nomination information. Each Texas Master Naturalist Chapter is encouraged to enter in these competitions/awards.

Click each header below to download a PDF with more information.

Chapter Advisor Awards

Deadline: September 30th
The goal of the awards program is to encourage and recognize exceptional work and support of local Texas Master Naturalist Chapter advisors. The Chapter Advisor Team category was established to recognize the exceptional support of TMN chapter advisors working in partnership to support a chapter.

Project Fair

Deadline: October 1st
The Texas Master Naturalist Program holds this competition during our Annual Meeting each year to share and award the premier projects of the TMN Program. Members continually list this method as a favorite way to learn about projects other chapters are doing and how they may be able to replicate such projects in their areas.

Photo, Art & Media Contest

Deadline: Friday, October 18th (First day of Annual Meeting)
The Photo, Art & Media Contest at the Annual Meeting has ten categories, including four categories of photos, three categories of art entries and the three media categories. Please note, there are new rules for matting photos.

Video Contest

Deadline: September 30th
The goal of the Annual Video Contest is to share experiences, projects and the stories of our Chapters through video thereby increasing our chapters’ and program marketing.

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