Project Approval Process

The key to the Master Naturalist Philosophy is continual expansion of knowledge, spreading, and applying knowledge about our natural environment. To ensure the broadest and most meaningful projects and training, each chapter member is actively encouraged to take the initiative and research the opportunity that interests them, including estimating needed resources.

  1. It is clear that the Bois d’arc Chapter will be responsive in its activities only if the interested Member takes an active lead, as the Project Lead, in ensuring that they are planned, socialized, and resourced. To assist in the collection of information and to expedite approvals, training/project proposal process/form and process sheet has been prepared by the Credentials Committee. Use this to ensure that you are including all resources and stakeholders. All Activities start as “proposed” and remain in that state until they become “active” and the activity can start.
  2. The Project Lead ensures that the activity has all the resources and provides to each volunteer COMPLETE “logistics”, including time, place, map, room number, duration, speaker/facilitator, equipment/clothes recommendation, car pools, AGENDA.
  3. The Project Lead is responsible for outreach to Sponsors, Partners, and Stakeholders to ensure that they 1) are fully engaged, 2) agree to the activity, and 3) as applicable, can assist on logistics and resources.
  4. The Project Lead documents this information into the Activity Proposal.
  5. Each volunteer is individually responsible to 1) understand the logistics and the activity’s purpose (from its proposal) 2) be prepared to immediately perform the activity having equipment/clothes, and 3) complete the Monthly Activity Report (Critical to maintain our State Charter)
  6. The Project Lead is responsible for completing and providing to the Chapter Activity Recorder the Post Activity Report. (Critical to maintain our State Charter)
  7. The chapter Credentials Committee is responsible for expediting review and approval of activity proposals. For this reason, it shall post its regular monthly meeting in the calendar and provide e-mail notice with adequate time for interested members to prepare proposals and attend the meeting placing the approved activity on the Chapter’s Calendar. Rest deleted.
  8. The chapter Credentials Committee is responsible for maintaining the currency of the chapter’s Activities Status and the Chapter’s Calendar.
  9. In order to correlate each activity to the Chapter’s charter and purpose, and to ensure that the Chapter’s Yearly Report is comprehensive, a set of activity codes have been promulgated. Deleted sentence. The Credentials Committee is responsible for these codes, ensuring that they are comprehensive, non-overlapping, and for assigning the activity-unique Serial Number.
  10. The Project Lead is responsible for including the <code-serial number> in ALL discussions, minutes, reports.

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