Advanced Training Guide

Advanced Training Requirements

The purpose of advanced training is to provide Texas Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests on one, or a few, specific topics that interest them.  Also, advanced training on an annual basis promotes continued learning and development.  Advanced training is a benefit in itself, providing the experienced Master Naturalist with tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts.

Advanced training courses may be made available directly through the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, TPWD, or any number of short-courses provided by universities, community colleges or nature centers.  The VHAT Committee must pre-approve all advanced training opportunities before the volunteer attends to ensure it will count. Educational television shows are not a form of advanced training and therefore should not be approved as such.  Advanced training hours are also counted one hour for each hour of advanced training, however travel time is not included for advanced training hours.  Pre-approval must be obtained for an advanced training session that is outside the chapter boundaries.

The following criteria is used when reviewing and approving Advanced Training Opportunities:

Does the Advanced Training opportunity:

  1. Promote continued learning and development of naturalist skills?
  2. Provide Master Naturalists with knowledge and skills to work in volunteer efforts?
  3. Direct trained volunteers toward specific programs in need of their services?
  4. Provide practical information and training for application in volunteer efforts?
  5. Take advantage of local partnerships?
  6. Provide Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests in one or a few specific topics?
  7. Build on the core curriculum initially provided by the local chapter?
  8. Provide natural resource management issues and information applicable to Texas?

Advanced Training opportunities must meet the following criteria:  1, 2, 6, 7, and 8. 
It is suggested that the remaining criteria also be a part of the opportunity.



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