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Hiking in North Texas

by Jerri Lipple When most naturalists think of nature preserves and conservation, they think about the native habitats and animals they are saving. Wild plants and animals, however, are not the only ones who benefit. Spending time in nature has very real, measurable effects on human physiology. Fifteen minutes is all it takes. According to a Japanese study conducted by Yoshifumi Miyazaki at Chiba University, physiological changes were seen after a walk in nature as short as fifteen minutes. In the study, eighty-four subjects walked through the woods… Read More →

Wildlife Rescue in DFW

 by Gwen A. Baumann Many a parent has lived the challenge of a road trip with a teenager. The promise of the Texas coast isn’t always enough to keep him strapped into the back of a Volkswagen bug when he’d rather be hanging out with his peers. It can be even trickier when the teen isn’t your own, though, or when the teen isn’t human. Just ask Kathy Milacek. Milacek, a charter member of North Texas Master Naturalists in Dallas, took that trip a few years back with… Read More →

Turquoise Spans Centuries and Cultures

by Patti Tuck Last revised in 2014, tanzanite, zircon and turquoise are listed to illustrate the winter blues of December’s birthstones.  Of these three, turquoise has been known for more than 10,000 years and occupies a space in civilization that no other stone has ever occupied.   Turquoise has been celebrated by the peoples of the Orient, the American Indians, and civilizations of Africa, most notably the Egyptians.  It is one of the few minerals that gives its name to anything that resembles its striking color – white/powdery blue… Read More →