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Avians and Acorns

Ah, fall. What a lovely time of year! The leaves lose their chlorophyll (which means they turn pretty autumn colors), the air becomes brisk, and animals start storing foods in various places. You’re probably questioning my title for this snippet of juicy animal/plant facts. Why on Earth would anyone put these two things together? Well, the answer is quite simple. Okay wait, it’s actually not that simple. Prepare yourself for learning! During all times of the year, birds eat food. Pretty obvious, huh. Some birds, like the Eastern… Read More →

The Texas Bluebonnet

by Gary Howerton Texas Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis or Texas lupine) The blue bonnet flower figures in many Native American tales and Spanish missions planted these flowers around their missions leading to the impression that the blue bonnet came from Europe. We are familiar with this plant, the state flower that was adopted in 1901. The selection was not a straightforward process since there are several varieties of blue bonnet. And some state senators favored the cotton boil. The blue bonnet begins as a small rock-like seed that is… Read More →