Connemara Meadow Preserve (CMP)

Connemara Conservancy has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, such as working on the special events, assisting with our land restoration or conservation projects, providing educational programs for students, and facilitating monthly activities in the Meadow Preserve There are many fun ways to be part of Connemara!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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Bob Mione
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Public access is available to the Connemara Nature Preserve via a trail on the eastern edge of the Suncreek Park in Allen. Directions


Connemara Meadow Preserve (CMP)

Open to the public daily from dawn until dusk, the Meadow represents 72 acres of natural habitat, rich in floral diversity that is reminiscent of the tall grass Blackland Prairie that once existed here. We ask that you please abide by their policies.



I have been volunteering at the Connemara Meadow Preserve since completing the 2016 BPTMN program last May. Although I have done some short- and long-term work at two other volunteer opportunity partners, I find myself most drawn to the ongoing efforts of the Connemara….          …Next week we may be mowing the giant ragweed and other invasives or working to shore up the damn to preserve our water source. There is the small group that is preparing the new quail flight pen so that we have a starter flock in the meadow. The Boy Scouts are helping us channel the creek overflow to our best benefit. We are watching the progress of the beavers as they try to outsmart us. Our team of ‘ag students’ at Allen High School is helping us grow new grasses in their greenhouse. Soon we will resume work with the power saws to clear more downed pecan trees….           …I am learning and doing as I am laughing and taking profound pleasure in the teamwork. I am enveloped by acres of meadow, trees and wildlife as “my group” does its part to preserve this little urban jewel. Won’t you join us one morning? Who knows, maybe you’ll have a piece of prairie named after you! – Phyllis Graham – Connemara Meadow Volunteer




Plants provide the habitat for wildlife in the Meadow, and the combination of water, soils, topography and influence of man and animals determines what grows where. In some areas, the Meadow is recovering from decades of farming and is amazingly rich in plant diversity. Other areas will require intervention to remove non-native plants where they have become a monoculture, limiting native diversity.

The availability of water and the land management practices of the past have combined to create several distinct habitat types:
Lower Meadow Wetlands (4 acres) The shallow saddle of the Lower Meadow is dominated by plants adapted to saturated soil conditions. Lower Meadow Grasslands (32 acres) Grasses and wildflowers that favor moist soil conditions grow here.
Rowlett Creek and Riparian Zone (7 acres) The forests on either side of Rowlett Creek favor moist conditions provided by this large perennial stream.
Fence Rows and Wooded Islands (7 acres) Fence-row woodlands form a natural buffer around the Meadow in areas of both wet and dry soils and along perimeter and interior fence lines established during the property’s history of agricultural use.
Upper Meadow Grasslands (22 acres) Upland grasslands are located on the hillside above the Rowlett Creek floodplain and grasses and wildflowers thrive despite the drier soil and steeper slopes.


Connemara Conservancy Foundation (CCF)

The CCF was founded in 1981 by Frances Williams and her daughter, Amy Monier, as one of the first land trusts in Texas. Her original donation of the 72-acre Connemara Meadow Preserve on the border of Plano and Allen in North Texas guaranteed that future generations would be able to experience the great outdoors in all its natural beauty. For more than three decades, the Connemara Conservancy has been at the forefront of land conservation and environmental education in Texas. For more than two decades, outdoor sculpture exhibits and concerts encouraged visitors to venture miles from nearby cities into the countryside. Today, even as development has surrounded the land, the Connemara Meadow Preserve remains a natural oasis for nearby residents and visitors.
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The vision of Connemara Conservancy Foundation (CCF) is to become a nationally recognized leader in the protection and conservation of open space and critical habitats in order to improve the quality of life for current and future generations.


CCF Mission statement
Connemara’s mission is to help farmers, ranchers and other landowners as well as developers and local governments protect and conserve important tracts of remaining open space. In addition, Connemara is committed to educating current and future generations on the important role that open space plays in improving our quality of life.

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