Open Board Positions: President/Treasurer

Chapter leadership is just as important to the longevity of the chapter and for accomplishing the mission of education, restoration, preservation as is all the thousands of hours our dedicated naturalists provide for partners and the community.

What does qualified mean?


  • Must be a current member in good standing with dues and background checks up to date
  • A willingness to read email as often as once a day
  • A willingness to attend the monthly Board meetings and Chapter meetings
  • A willingness to learn and help manage how the Chapter operates
  • A basic working knowledge of computer techniques is helpful (file/folder organization, email, web browsing, etc)

If you think you might be interested in any of the positions, please notify the Nominations Committee Chair at and provide a brief bio on your background as relevant to the position (“I was the recording secretary for our church consistory for five years … ” or “I was purchasing manager for Shmoo Entrprises … ” or “I’m an Excel guru who can automate some of your membership records …” etc.). This does NOT need to be a formal resume – just a couple of paragraphs letting us know something about you.

Elected Positions



  1. Serve as Chair of the Board of Directors, voting only to break a tie vote.
  2. Prepare and distribute the agenda for Board meetings.
  3. Preside over Board and Chapter meetings.
  4. Sign all Board-approved documents that may be legally binding.
  5. Co-sign checks with the Treasurer for amounts over $500.
  6. Present summary of accomplishments at the Chapter’s first general meeting of a new year.
  7. Prepare correspondence between the Chapter and the State Office, other Chapters or State agencies as appropriate.
  8. Review Chapter’s completed annual report before submission to State office.
  9. Communicate with Board and Chapter Members as needed; conduct email votes on issues between meetings.
  10. Appoint all committee Directors/Chairs and be ex-officio member of all committees, assisting as appropriate.
  11. Appoint and present a slate of candidates for all new Director positions for review by elected Officers, Past-President, and Advisor(s).
  12. Serve as Immediate Past President upon completion of term as President. If the past president chooses to resign from the board, the position will remain vacant for duration of the current president.
  13. Provide for a training meeting to be held at the beginning of the new year for all Officers and Directors to review policies, procedures and expectations.
  14. President is strongly encouraged to facilitate a fall retreat that is comprised of current Officers and Directors, open to general chapter membership and to those interested in being an officer/director in the upcoming election. This should be a planning and review meeting based on the mission, vision and current projects of the Chapter.
  15. Participate in a state volunteer management system (VMS) training session or take a refresher course.
  16. May present new member certification packets as coordinated with Membership and New Class Directors.
  17. Attend if possible the state Master Naturalist conference with registration fees paid by Chapter unless contrary to budgeting as addressed in B3 – running a deficit.


  1. Receive all dues and monies for the Chapter and maintain them in a Chapter bank account.
  2. Develop and maintain the Chapter’s annual budget for the Chapter with input and approval by the Board of Directors. The proposed budget should be presented for finalization prior to the start of the new fiscal year Jan.1 through December 31.
  3. Pay all bills upon receipt of a written statement or invoice. Treasurer shall sign all checks, drafts or other instruments for payment of money or notes of the Chapter.
  4. Submit all annual financial records, reports and audits as required by law (and/or sponsoring agencies) including annual IRS report.
  5. Present financial report, including itemized statement of expenses, at each Board meeting.
  6. Bring the checkbook and receipt book to all Chapter general meetings and to Board meetings.
  7. Present the financial records to the annual Financial Examination Committee before the last Board meeting of the calendar year. In order to meet the State Bylaws Article IX C reporting requirements, the annual financial examination will be conducted in December after the November bank statement has been reconciled.
  8. Keep an account of all income, expenses, disbursements and other financial matters. Maintain and update the financial workbook in a timely manner and balance the bank statement at the end of each month. At the end of the fiscal year, provide all files to the local Agri-Life office for archiving of such documentation. Upon request, make available all financial reports and documents to any Chapter member and/or Advisor.
  9. All payments exceeding $500 require approval from the Executive Committee.
  10. Maintain/manage the Chapter PayPal account.


Appointed Positions

All Positions Currently Filled

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