Open Board Positions

Chapter leadership is just as important to the longevity of the chapter and for accomplishing the mission of education, restoration, preservation as is all the thousands of hours our dedicated naturalists provide for partners and the community.

What does qualified mean?


  • Must be a current member in good standing with dues and background checks up to date
  • A willingness to read email at least once a day
  • A willingness to attend the monthly Board meetings and Chapter meetings
  • A willingness to learn and help manage how the Chapter operates
  • A basic working knowledge of computer techniques is helpful (file/folder organization, email, web browsing, etc)

Take a look at the Chapter Handbook and study the requirements for the position in which you are interested. If you think you might be interested in any of the positions, please notify the Nominations Committee Chair at and provide a brief bio on your background as relevant to the position (“I was the recording secretary for our church consistory for five years … ” or “I was purchasing manager for Shmoo Entrprises … ” or “I’m an Excel guru who can automate some of your membership records …” etc.). This does NOT need to be a formal resume – just a couple of paragraphs letting us know something about you.

Elected Positions

2019/2020 – Click here for information about board member requirements

Vice President



Appointed Positions

Communications Director
Oversee following positions as appointed: (provide assistance to those who serve in the positions)
 Newsletter Editor: Prepare and distributes newsletter containing chapter and
other pertinent news. Assigns team as needed.
 Webmaster: Maintain website and work with other committees as needed –
recommend team members to Communications Chair for approval.
 Publicity Manager
 Archivist
 Social Media Manager: Coordinate Facebook and other avenues and ensures
pertinent duties listed under Social Media/Web Committee description are
carried out.
 Event Photographer.
a) Coordinate or write publicity/press releases for print and electronic media covering New
Class application, Chapter meetings and special events.
b) Coordinate with new Class/Education Director, Outreach Director and other committees
upon request for printing and distribution of New Class recruiting brochures.
c) Keep Chapter information brochure current and maintain copies for historical purposes.

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