Forms, Guidelines, Handbook

Reimbursement Form: Access through Members Area

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501(c)3 Authorization

BPTMN Handbook

Note: The following changes to operations were approved in 2018 and will be entered into handbook as other review is completed in 2019.

  1. Section I. Chapter Organization, B Responsibilities of the Board, Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, Annual Financial Examination Committee, paragraph 2 Amend to Read: In order to meet the State Bylaws Article IX C reporting requirements, the annual financial examination will be conducted in December after the November bank statement has been reconciled.

State Mandated Bylaws

Organizational Charts: Local and State

State Minimum Management and Operations Protocols

Code of Ethics 

Standards of Conduct

Proposed Changes to Handbook submitted 9/25/17

TPWD & TMN Policy on Texas Open Carry Law : Open carry of firearms is prohibited on most partner properties.
For further information related to this policy and concealed vs Open Carry, contact Texas Parks and Wildlife in Austin at 1-800-792-1112





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