Message from the President

Message from the President, Deborah Canterbury

deborah Canterbury

As the great Minnie Pearl said, “I’m just so glad to be here!”

What a wonderful privilege it is to be the president during the 10th anniversary year of BPTMN! I am just one rung above rookie on the experience ladder and I will need input, advice and “atta-girls” from those who have been enjoying membership for years as well as those who are just now beginning this wonderful journey of being a master naturalist

Some of the chapter meetings this year will be a bit unique such as the Learn and Do in February. We have a line-up of great speakers who have the deepest of respect for what we do and a great story to share. Keep an eye out for ways to win prizes at the beginning of every meeting as well.

As Bob Mione, new Membership Chair, said at the January meeting, if you know someone who has not attended a meeting in a while or you have missed seeing someone lately, get in touch and encourage them to come to meetings. Good food by Cathy Westmoreland and her team, welcoming smiles and communion with like-minded folk guaranteed.

Are you one of the founders of our chapter or were a member of the first class? Send me an email …… so I can pick your brain for some memories, some tall tales or so I can just know your name. Throughout the year we will walk that memory trail together and let the class of 2016 know what it means to be a Blackland Prairie Mater Naturalist.

If you were not at the January meeting, I ask you to go to the website at and under the Documents tab click on Procedures/Guidelines to review the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Open Carry policy. Basically, if you are doing anything in the name of Texas Master Naturalists, volunteering at an event, wearing any clothing that refers to Texas Master Naturalist or you are representing the TPWD (of which we are an extension) you cannot carry a firearm. The document and the Q&A that accompanies the law they have adopted explains their stance. The Board is considering how to post the policy and what action should be taken should there be a violation.

I am looking forward to meet as many of you as possible so do not be shy. Come say hi at meetings, email me with your successes as a master naturalist or toot someone’s horn for them. Let’s Celebrate success!

Oh! Do not know who Minnie Pearl is? Google her and “Take the backroads instead of the highways.”

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