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January 14
Blackland Prairie Chapter Open House and 2020 Kickoff for Members
Tom Shackelford, President
February 11 “A Day in the Life of the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center” Erich Neupert
March 10 “13 Things You Need to Know about Poison Ivy” Amy Martin
December 10 “Fire Ecology of the Blackland Prairie and How Prescribed Fire is Being Used to Restore the Prairie” Brandon Belcher
November 12
“Frisco Wetlands Environmental Restoration Project: Signs of Success”
Lynde DoddJim Frisinger
October 8 “How to Discover a New Planet” Dr. David Baker
September 10 “The Importance of Fungi in Ecosystems and Common Mushrooms in North Central Texas” Denis Benjamin
August 13 “Texas Nature Trackers: Discovering Populations & Documenting Change for Conservation”. Tania Homayoun
July 9 “Prairies and Milkweeds” Matt White
June 11 “Management of Roadside Vegetation and Wildflowers” Jacob Eickstead
May 14 “How iNaturalist Influences Land Management and Guides Public Policy” Sam Kieschnick
April 9 “Making an Impression: Tales and Tips from 50 Years Teaching about Nature” Sally Evans
March 12 “Researching the Alligator Snapping Turtles in the Trinity River” Carl Franklin
February 12 “Habitat Restoration of Large & Small Plots and Unintended Consequences” Bob Mione
January 8 Blackland Prairie Chapter Open House and 2019 Kickoff for Members Mike Roome, President
December 11 “Partnering for Natural Success” Roger Scott
November 13 “Rainwater Harvesting” Daniel Cunningham
October 9 “Driving Sustainability Through Campus Transformation” Thea Junt and Craig Lewis
September 11 Personal Experience Raising Monarchs: 6 weeks of Learning, Defeat and Triumph” Clyde Camp
August 14 “Dragonflies” Omar Bocanegra
July 10 “Sex in the Garden” Janet Smith
June 12 “From the First Quark to You – We are all in this together” Ernie Stokley
May 8 “Fundamentals of Forest Ecology” Chris Ebling
April 10 “Citizen Science” Marsha May
March 13 ”What’s New in the World of Monarch Butterflies?” Carol Clark
February 13 ”Light Pollution – More Than a Barrier to Sky Gazing Tom Fleming
January 9 ”Open House. Welcome Back Members, Come Join Visitors” Mike Roome, President
December 12 “This Badlands Tortoise is 34 Million Years Old and at The Heard” Pat Kline
November 14 “Prairies in Old Cemeteries” Candace Fountoulakis
October 10 “The Urban Harvest: Foraging in the City” Daniel Cunningham
September 12 “Reptiles with a particular emphasis on Texas” David Mead
August 8 “Past Climates: Putting the Climate Puzzle Together with Models” Dr. Angela Osen
July 11 “13 Things You Need to Know About the Poison Oak and Ivy Rash” Amy Martin
June 13 “Frogs!” Scott Kiester
May 9 “Dead Zones in Rivers and the Gulf of Mexico and Their Causes” Donald Harper
April 11 “Zika and Other Issues” Daphne Lynch
March 14 “New Frisco Wetlands in the Hackberry Creek and Stewart Creek Drainages” Jon Loxley, Jim Frisinger, Jayce Proctor
February 14 “Texas Wild Cats” Monica Morrison
January 10 “2016 Successes and 2017 Opportunities”


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