Highland Lakes Chapter

members celebrate accomplishments during the June monthly meeting.

According to member Sue Kesey 38 Salamander 2009 re-certification pins were awarded and recipients are pictured. The new class trainees are not in the picture as we have a special graduation party this evening and they will receive theirs at the party with name badges and initial certification dragonfly pin. But 38 is our total so far.

We gave out 500 hours pins to Terry Bartoli, Judy Bloomquist, Ann Cook, Jerry Stacy and Jerry Stone.
250 hour pins go to Betsy Bouchard, Cliff Stripling, Terri Whaley and Phillip Wyde.
Pamela Simek received the 2008 Sage pin due to reporting hours later than our December presentation.
Initial Certification and Dragonfly pins (16) go to Connie Barron, Sherry Bixler, Mike Childers, Sammye Childers, Blair Feller, Billie Gunther, Melanie Huff, Lee Kinard, Marilynn Lageman, Ed Lilley, Sue Lilley, Ed Myatt, Gayla Peeples, Marilynn Ruiz, Pamela Simek and Joyce Smith.

Our chapter continues to grow and enjoy the Master Naturalist program.

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