Red River Chapter

Bald Eagle Survey
Texas Master Naturalists from the Red River Chapter participated in the annual Bald Eagle Survey at Pat Mayse Lake near Paris, Texas.

Under the direction of Pat Mayse Park Ranger Jeff Paskin, Red River Texas Master Naturalists surveyed the 5900 acre lake from the water and land positions.
One mature and six immature bald eagles were observed during the survey.
Pictured are RRTMN Elouise Prater, Gloria Cox, Velma Davidson, James Davidson, David Cook, Park Ranger Jeff Paskin, Lueron Erickson, Sheri Schwed and Janet Phillips.

TMN to Host a Bird Identification Training Seminar
The Red River Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist is sponsoring a wild bird identification seminar on Monday, January 19, 2009.The seminar will be conducted by renowned birder, Dr. Rob Wiedenmann, professor and Department Head of the Department of Entomology at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Wiedenmann has traveled all over the world “birding” and will share his knowledge at a half-day (or longer) seminar for the local Texas Master Naturalists and anyone else interested in birds.

The seminar will begin at 8:00 am and be held in the Greenwood community, north of Clarksville, on a beautiful 1800-acre private ranch managed for wildlife abundance and diversity. Habitats at Greenwood include mixed riparian forest, wetlands, oxbow lakes, beaver impoundments, spring fed creek, hardwood-pine woodlands and open meadows.

Dr. J.W. Smith, one of the founders of the local Texas Master Naturalist chapter said “Dr. Wiedenmann is an entertaining and excellent speaker, and very experienced birder. I am confident you will not want to miss his visit.”

David Cook, another local Texas Master Naturalist Chapter member said “Having a professor and birding expert like Dr. Wiedenmann speaking about birding and bird watching in our area is an outstanding opportunity that should not be missed. We rarely get a chance to hear from an expert of his caliber.” Cook also said, “Greenwood is a wonderful non-classroom setting at which to conduct this seminar, everyone will love being there.”

For more information about the seminar and directions to the Greenwood community, please contact David Cook at 903-784-3798 (Paris area) or J.W. Smith at 903-966-2722 (Clarksville area).

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