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Nature is our passionNATURE IS OUR PASSION… PASS IT ON
Nature is their passion.  Heartwood Chapter interns of Texas Master Naturalist recently participated in a monthly workday at the William Goodrich Jones State Forest’s Certified Wildscape, Pollinator & Firewise Gardens.  The gardens where started in 2006 and have expanded into a real attraction for visitors and learning axis for students.  Annually the state forest draws 100,000 visitors enjoying nature programs, horseback riding, walking, jogging, biking, birding, and numerous outdoor nature experiences.

The gardens are the first located at a Texas Forest Service office and state forest to received the designation Certified Wildscape by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

John Warner, urban district forester, believes nature opens a door to many different types and styles of learning. From adult-learners, students and people not expecting to experience anything, they depart the forest feeling a transformation from nature’s influence to open mind, body and spirit.

To learn more about The Friends of Jones State Forest programs, environmental resource interpretation and site-based learning curriculum contact John Warner at jonesstateforest@tfs.tamu.edu.

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