Seabourne Gardens Monthly Report – October 2018

Volunteers maintained both the Butterfly and Prairie Demo Gardens at Seabourne. 

Seabourne Butterfly Garden

Linda Rippert and Diane Russell worked throughout October, with help from  Donna Pisani and Drea Morgenstern.

Maintenance: pulling and pruning some Monarda and Obedient Plants.

Insect Activity:  Many Milkweed Beetles were removed.

Butterflies: Long-Tailed Skipper (Blue Butterfly Pea Vine is host), Pipevine Swallowtail ( Aristolochia fimbriata is host)

Blooming well were Orange Flowered Yellow Bells (pictured) and a trellised Blue Butterfly Pea Vine

New Sign: Site is a Texas Master Naturalist Coastal Prairie Chapter project.


Seabourne Prairie Demo Garden

Many naturalist and outside group volunteers continued weeding ragweed and pruning back perennials.

Maintenance: Mulching with alfalfa hay, weeding walkways.

Butterflies: Gulf Fritillaries, Swallowtails, Sulphur

Blooming: Yaupon Holly Tree, Blue Mist Flower, Red Salvia, Goldenrod, and Gulf Muhly Grass

New: Signage and Brochures

Signs and brochures for visitors were placed throughout the garden: Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Insects, and Pollinators. Thank you Lynn Trenta, Jade Hems, Terri Hurley, Donna Pisani, and Kimberly Farou.




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