Three New Nature Pamphlets Created by CPC Master Naturalists

Volunteers at the native habitat gardens in the Prairie Demonstration Garden have created three informative nature pamphlets that were distributed for free at the Seabourne Nature Fest.  Links to these brochures are included here.  The Hummingbird brochure by Jade Hems provides fun facts and ways to help these flying jewels.  The Native Bee brochure by Lynn Trenta highlights a native bee’s life and how to attract bees to your yard with native plants.   The Prairie Bird pamphlet by Terri Hurley provides information on how to find prairie birds and how to create a pocket prairie in your own yard.  Beautiful photographs were provided by our own master naturalists and by photographers in the Fort Bend Photographers group.   Paper copies of these brochures will be kept available in weather proof plexiglass organizers in the habitat gardens.  Additional brochures on Pollinators and Butterflies are in the works.

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