Seabourne Garden Update January 2019


The Butterfly and Demo Gardens are mostly resting these months. Here is an update for the Butterfly Garden from Master Naturalist/Gardener Linda:

Construction of a pergola for an Eagle Scout’s Project has begun!
There is a plan to completely rework the irrigation setup. I am hoping to add some new volunteers from the new Master Naturalist class. I plan to ask members to donate butterfly-attracting plants that have grown well for them and may need to be thinned. Donating their plants may encourage more members to do a bit of gardening at Sebourne. We hope to increase numbers of some species, for a mass effect. From my own yard, I may thin rain lilies that have done well without much care for at least ten years, and yellow and white Shrimp plants, as well as a Yellow Star plant, which may do well along the front edge of the bed by the center walkway that runs through the garden.

Photos of pergola construction:













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