End of 2019: Let’s count 1-10 on a Seabourne Nature Park Bird Walk!

Seabourne Creek Nature Park is a volunteer project of the members of the Coastal Prairie Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists. Their members, aided by  many additional contributing groups of volunteers, developed ponds, trails, gardens, a nursery, and have led or held many bird walks, park walks, education events, and an annual nature fest in this vital natural space for all in Rosenberg, Texas.  Monthly bird walks, fall through spring, give members and anyone interested an opportunity to see, hear, and learn about the birds who live and migrate through here in Fort Bend County.

The following “1-10” description is an ode to the last bird walk of this year, and to all of the fascinating, skilled, inspirational, and dedicated volunteers of Seabourne Creek Nature Park. The individual numbers 1-10 indicates how many of these birds were seen on the latest walk!

Link to eBird for this walk: https://ebird.org/checklist/S61977658


On December the 4th, 60 species were seen, by 14 birders’ last walk of 2019;

they made a list of all they saw and heard, then posted it all to the site eBird.

Thank you, Mark Scheuerman, for making the post;

here is part of their list, let’s give it a toast.


1  Vermillion Flycatcher – likes to perch on fences

2  kinds of warblers: yellow-rumped and orange-crowned

3  types of Wrens: Carolina, House, Sedge

4  types of Hawks: Cooper, Red-Tailed, Red-Shouldered, Northern Harrier

5  Northern Cardinals with crests on their heads

6  Roseate Spoonbills, who feed by the “Wade and Sift” technique

7  Neotropic Cormorants, with orange on their faces

8  Savannah Sparrows, with yellow patch on eye

9  total Egrets: Great, Snowy, Cattle

10  Least Sandpipers, smallest shorebird, with yellow-green legs


Please come out and visit this gem of a park; you may see a spoonbill, a phoebe, or lark.

Do not forget Monarchs, the adults and the “cats”; plan to attend an event and add to the stats.

Thank you to the Coastal Prairie Chapter,  you literally created this park; this wonderful wilderness area, open from morning  ’til dark.

It’s right in your name, the Texas Master Naturalists; y’all made it possible for these regular birding lists.

Congratulations for hundreds of  hours that are all volunteer, and best wishes for many more in the coming new year.






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