Feral Hog Fences Completed

feral-hog-fence-11-2-16-jbrannonThis spring, Seabourne Creek Nature Park had serious feral hog attacks, which are still continuing.  Texas Master Naturalist Coastal Prairie Chapter’s Butterfly Garden and Prairie Demo Garden were both attacked and suffered severe damage.  As the only option for us at the park to combat these feral hog attacks is to trap hogs, the trapping process began. Subsequently, there were around 44 hogs that were trapped by TPWD’s David Lobpries and company.

There was an option to protect our gardens, though, and that was to build a protective fence around them. The fencing project for the Seabourne Prairie Demo Garden began, after CPCTMN Board approval, under the direction of Jerry Trenta.  With other volunteer help, the hog fence was completed in October of this year.

This February the Seabourne Creek Nature Park Butterfly Garden feral hog fence was completed.  This enables us to continue to improve this beautiful and functional garden.


So, come out to see these wonderful gardens, planned and maintained by the Coastal Prairie Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists.

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