Seabourne Creek Nature Park is one of our signature projects.   Click here to view the Seabourne Creek Nature Park Brochure.  Click Seabourne-Organizational-Team-June 2020 to see a list of our SCNP Projects’ Leaders.
Our current work includes the following project areas:

SCNP Videos

How the Coastal Prairie Chapter created the wetlands area of Seabourne Nature Park! 


John Donaho’s beautiful video of Seabourne Nature Park:

John Chitty’s Seabourne Creek Park Photos

Photos of John Chitty

Dr. Taylor Sandlin’s Seabourne Creek Park Photos

SCNP’S 20 Year Vision

The City of Rosenberg City Council passed a resolution on June 23, 2009 that set aside 20 acres in Seabourne Creek Park for native prairie restoration. The Chapter was selected to propose and help implement a long-range prairie restoration project that will enhance the nature park for wildlife and public education and enjoyment.

In addition, the Chapter has been asked to provide a 20-year vision for the park; recommend native trees and other plants, including species and locations; create and implement a fish stocking plan; develop and deliver seminars and outreach programs at the Rosenberg Civic Center and the park; provide advice regarding irrigation needs; recommend walkways, in terms of locations and materials; create educational signage; and act as coordinator and liaison for other volunteer organizations’ contributions to the park (e.g. Eagle Scout projects, youth groups, Master Gardener projects).

View the 20-year Vision at this link Seabourne creek nature park 20-year vision II

Map of Proposed Future Seabourne Creek Nature Park

Go to: and click on “Grow & Conserve” to view information/videos on prairie info.  Click on Coastal Prairie Plant Grower’s Handbook to learn how to grow prairie plants from seed. 

Forms Required for City of Rosenberg Activities 

You will need to submit these forms to participate in City of Rosenberg Activities:

Events for which these forms are required include Fishtastics and the 4th of the July Celebration.

Seabourne Creek Project Photos

Seabourne Scrapbook (PDF)  —  This scrapbook was put together in July 2010 by Cheryl Sedivec and other Coastal Prairie Master Naturalists to tell “A Story of Restoration” at Seabourne Creek Park;   it discusses the park’s history, CPCs plans, and activities to date.

Visit our Seabourne Creek Photo Gallery to see pictures of the project and our members and other volunteers at work.

Seabourne Creek Flora and Fauna Lists and Bird Hike Information

Bird Hikes–Bird hikes are offered at Seabourne Creek Nature Park during the Spring, Fall and Winter (October through May) on the first Wednesday of the month from 8am to 10am.  Coastal Prairie Texas Master Naturalists Bob and Carol Schwartz are bird hike leaders along with Mark Scheuerman, an experienced birder well-known in this area.


Kurt Bundy’s Log Entries 2009-2010  A History of Seabourne Creek Nature Park

Seabourne Creek News Briefs

June 2009Park Proposal Article

Chapter President Karl Baumgartner orchestrates a park proposal in Rosenberg with great potential as a CPCTMN Chapter Project. In addition to the attached Editorial Page item, the Fort Bend Herald also ran a front page article about the proposed park improvements by Don Munsch on 25 June.








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