Prairie and Native Plant Demo Garden

Rattlesnake Master-WPThe Prairie Demo Garden is located in Seabourne Creek Park near the Prairie Restoration project.  The purpose of the Prairie Demo Garden is to show visitors how prairie and native plants can be used in a garden and also to identify prairie plants.  Click here to see a map of the park.

Several of the plots in the garden are “Natural Prairies” and show what a native prairie might look like.  Other beds in the garden illustrate pollinator plants, a backyard prairie garden, a gulf muhly plot, a butterfly garden, a bee garden and a hummingbird garden.  The garden is always a “work in progress” and is maintained by the Coastal Prairie Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists.


Click here to view a colorful pamphlet that highlights all the best features of the beautiful Prairie Demo Garden.


For a guide on how to grow prairie plants from seed go to: Coastal Prairie Plant Grower’s Handbook.


Here are some of our blogs about the Demo Garden at Seabourne Creek Park:

Summer 2019 Gardens Update for Seabourne Nature Park

The summer garden is gaining height every week. Many spring wildflowers are finished blooming and setting seed. Summer stars like red-flowered Texas Hibiscus, Gallardia, Partridge Pea, and Rudbeckia texana are blooming, Prairie Blazing Star/Liatris pychostachya is getting taller, and Passion Vine and Yellow Indigo are producing fruit/seed.  Many plants are labeled, informative signage is out and brochures are stocked. The picnic tables and arbors offer a quiet place to contemplate the summer prairie garden. Thank you to all of the volunteers who put in many hours monthly for… Read More →

Earth Day at Seabourne April 22, 2019

Visitors to Seabourne Creek Nature Park had the opportunity to plant a prairie grass plant, tour 2 gardens, discuss prairie birds, and take a walk on trails and around lakes on Earth Day. Texas Master Naturalists from the Gulf Coast Prairie group were on hand at various stations in the park.

SCNP March 2019

April 2019 Gardens Report from Seabourne Creek Nature Park

Seabourne Creek Nature Park Gardens – Preparing for visitors at Earth Day Celebration on  April 22, 2019. Butterfly Garden TMN-MG Linda has had a few volunteers each Wednesday workday, some Master Naturalists and some volunteers from a Rosenberg church, who also pick up trash in the park. Fire ant mounds have been individually treated, weeding has been worked on.  Pergola is finished. Photos follow. http:// Prairie Demo Garden Some plots are in the process of being reworked or renamed. Brochures are out and signs are up. Photos follow. http://… Read More →

Seabourne Gardens update for February 2019

In February, the Butterfly Garden was pruned by TXMN Linda R., with help from TXMNs Bert S. and Christine E. Demo Garden had some plots reworked; the Mardi Gras garden will become a Pocket Prairie. TMNs bumped up Switch Grass, Selfheal, and Rosin Weed, for future planting in the prairie.      


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