A "Partner Organization" is any organized function which has agreed to work with the Cradle of Texas Chapter in providing Natural History educational support and/or facility resource use.   The Cradle of Texas Chapter will in return provide assistance in selected Natural History projects and activities as defined by the partner.

— Chapter Policies and Procedures Handbook.

The Cradle of Texas Chapter maintains written agreements with our partner organizations.   These agreements specify projects and activities that any chapter member may perform, as approved volunteer hours, on behalf of the partner.   These approved activities are summarized in a Volunteer Project and Activity List (VPAL) for each partner.   Links to VPALs are posted on the Volunteer Opportunities page of this website.

Brazoria County Library System
Library cards are free.   You must provide proof of your current address when applying for a library card.   Parents must sign the library card application for children 17 years of age or younger.   Cards are issued at the time of application, at all branch locations and may be used at any of our branches.   You may check out items immediately.   During the school year, our Chapter conducts numerous public events at county libraries; volunteers are needed to assist with these events.   For details, check the calendar.

Brazoria County Parks Department
Twenty three miles of sandy beaches, picturesque coastal plains, lush green forests, inshore and offshore fishing, bird watching, shelling, wildlife preserves, a baseball great, ghosts and some of the richest history in Texas, awaits you in Brazoria County.   We host numerous public events during the year, some of which provide volunteer opportunities for TMN-COT members.   For details, check the calendar.

Brazos Bend State Park
BBSP, a unit of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, is approximately 28 miles southwest of Houston in Fort Bend County.   The park covers roughly 5000 acres, with an eastern boundary of 3.2 miles fronting on the Brazos River.   This was the area of Texas’ first Anglo colonization.   It was purchased by the state in 1976-77 and was opened to the public in 1984.

Brazosport College ALLP Program
Brazosport College is an open door, equal access higher education institution committed to providing the best courses, programs, and activities that can be organized and presented to meet the identified needs of adult learners from varied backgrounds.   Enrollment from January to December 2009 was approximately 25,513 students in both credit and non-credit courses.   The College’s Adult Life and Learning Program offers non-credit classes for adults.   Cradle of Texas volunteers serve as instructors, and lecturers, and tour leaders.

Brazosport Planetarium and Nature Center
This is a place where students and adults can come to learn about everything from the far reaches of the Universe to the life of our home planet, Earth.   In our Lobby, you’ll find lots of things to see and explore, for young and old.   In cooperation with TMN-COT, we sponsor with public a nature path along the banks of Oyster Creek.

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
GCBO is an independent non-profit organization.   We seek to be recognized as the authority on Gulf of Mexico bird conservation.   We do this by building innovative partnerships with communities, educators, governments, industries, universities, individuals, and other conservation groups.   We have become recognized as an innovative organization, which has designed and conducted a significant number of large conservation projects, including migration studies, habitat enhancement, land acquisition, regional habitat mapping, and others.   We maintain a close partnership with TMN-COT, offering many volunteer opportunities.   For details, check to calendar.

Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue
GCRW is a tax-exempt non-profit organization of permitted wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers dedicated to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of release back into the wild.   The primary activity of GCWR is to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to all Texas native wildlife at no cost to the public.   We serve the Brazoria and Matagorda County areas along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.   GCWR is an all volunteer organization with no paid employees.   GCWR receives NO state, federal, or city funds; however, donations are welcomed from individuals, business, and industry to help defray costs for food and medicine.   We maintain a close partnership with TMN-COT, offering many volunteer opportunities.   For details, check to calendar.

INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA sponsors the INEOS Environmental Education Program for grade-school students in local school districts.   Classes taught by Cradle of Texas Volunteers, and take place at the INEOS Environmental Education Center located on the grounds of the INEOS Chocolate Bayou Chemicals Complex.   In addition to the INEOS EE program, several other volunteer opportunities are available; these opportunities should be coordinated by the INEOS EE Coordinator.   For details, see the INEOS EE page on this website.

Phillips 66
Phillips 66 sponsors the LEEP (Linville Environmental Education Program) for grade-school students in the Sweeny Independent School District.   Classes are taught by Phillips 66 employees with on-call assistance by Cradle of Texas Volunteers.   Classes are held throughout the school year at the Phillips 66 Environmental Education Center located on the grounds of the Phillips 66 Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean.

Sea Center Texas
SCT is a marine aquarium, fish hatchery and nature center operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). The site’s visitor center educates through interpretive displays, a "touch tank" and aquariums depicting native Texas habitats including a salt marsh, jetty, reef and open Gulf exhibits.   The Gulf aquarium houses nurse sharks, large red drum, gray snapper, Atlantic spadefish, and the state record moray eel.   The center offers a variety of educational programs that promote the wise use and conservation of Texas’ marine resources.   We maintain a close partnership with TMN-COT, offering many volunteer opportunities.   For details, check to calendar.

Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex comprises three National Wildlife Refuges located in Brazoria and Matagorda Counties, Texas: Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, and Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge.   Refuge habitats are made up of salt water, fresh water and brackish wetlands.   In addition, there are prairies, woody thickets, salt and mud flats, and lakes and streams.   These wetlands provide a safe home for many plants and animals.   Many animals use the refuges as a stopover during their migration or as a home-away-from-home during the winter months.   Texas Mid-coast NWR Complex sponsors the Discovery Environmental Education Program ("DEEP") for grade-school students from local school districts.   Classes are taught by Cradle of Texas Volunteers, and take place st the Discovery Center located at Brazoria NWR.   In addition to DEEP, several other volunteer opportunities are available.   For details, see the DEEP page on this website.

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