Furneaux Creek Nature Trail

The Furneaux Creek Nature Trail began in 2015 with tree plantings along Furneaux Creek by local residents and Cub Scouts. These initial activities inspired interest from neighbors along the Furneaux Creek/Carrollton Blue Trail to form a non profit organization, 501 (c) 3, in the spring of 2017. The objective of the organization is to beautify the Blue Trail with natural improvements by developing a  nature trail in parallel with the Blue Trail within the green belt that the trail follows along Furneaux Creek.  The Elm Fork Chapter of Master naturalists approved the project in the spring of 2017 to provide knowledgeable assistance in the development of the trail. The City of Carrollton has approved the project and supports and monitors our activities to be consistent with city objectives.

Master Naturalist and neighborhood volunteers are needed to participate in field activities that include trail building and maintenance, tree plantings, wild flower planting and  seeding, removal of invasive species, and environmental cleanup of trash. The Master Naturalists focus is to restore the green belt with native plants to provide a natural ecosystem with wildlife  along the stream. Volunteers also participate in educational events for the public and raise funding for the trail improvements.  Monthly meetings are scheduled for educational topics and to plan trail projects.

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