Approved Project List

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P-141204 A4-H Entomology Locally Diana Hatch Active 04-Dec-14
P-070510 Advisory, Educational, &   Outreach Services Locally Project   Coordinator Active 10-May-07
P-160211 AgriLife Office Services Locally Van Elliott Active 11-Feb-16
P-010203 Benthic Monitoring Local waterways & City of Denton Lab at Wastewater Treatment Plant John & Adelaide Bodnar Active 3-Feb-01
P-050311 Bob Jones Nature Center Southlake Jan Lapine Active 11-Mar-05
P-100312 Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) 1700 University Dr., Ft. Worth Norma Wilkerson Active 1-Jan-10
P – 130214 BryoTexana S. M. Tracy Herbarium Jeanne Erickson Active 1-Jan-10
P-040708 Clear Creek Heritage Center Clear Creek Clay Thurmond Active 8-Jul-04
P-080214 Cornell Lab of Ornithology Project Feeder Watch Locally Karen Mangum Active 14-Feb-08
P-080313 Denton City Nature Hikes City Parks Susan Pohlen Active 13-Mar-08
P-151112 Denton County Administrative Complex  Denton Van Elliott Active 12-Nov-15
P-091009 DFW Wildlife Coalition Locally Dave Ford Active 9-Oct-09
P-051013 Elm Fork Education Center UNT Env. Educ. Bldg Erin Tran Active 13-Oct-05
P-160309 Flower Mound Foundation Flower Mound Diane Wetherbee Active 9-Mar-16
P-160714 Flower Mound Green Acres Flower Mound Becky Bertoni Active 14-Jul-16
P-160310 Flower Mound Nature Hikes Flower Mound Diane Wetherbee Active 9-Mar-16
P-120209 Fort Worth Botanical Gardens FW Botanical Gardens Jan Lapine Active 9-Feb-12
P-130808 Fort Worth Nature Center FW Nature Center Betty Zajac Active 8-Aug-13
P-160908 Furneaux Creek Nature Trail Carrollton Richard Johnson Active 9-Sep-16
P-160715 Growing UP Wild Trophy Club Jan Hodson & Veronica Ruangskul Active 14-Jul-16
P-161013 iNaturalist Various locations Mary Morrow Active 13-Oct-16
P-060413 Jr. Angler Education Class Ray Roberts/Isle du Bois Bill Hammon, Beverly Lyttaker Active 13-April-06
P-051110 Land Management Awareness Locally Rob Roy Active 10-Nov-05
P-070308 LBJ National Grasslands Misc. Conservation Programs LBJ National Grasslands Jeanne Erickson Active 8-Mar-07
P-101209 Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystems Research Facility  (LAERF) Active 14-Dec-10
P-121212 Lewisville Ind. School District Outdoor Lrng Cntr. (LISDOLA) Fish Hatchery Rd.  Lewisville Deborah Estes Active 12-Dec-12
P-040512 Lewisville   Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) Lewisville   Lake  Scott Kiester Active 4-Dec-05
P-171207 Nest Watch Various  Sharon Clark Active 15-Feb-18
P-060212 Ray Roberts State Park Isle du Bois & Johnson Branch  Chuck Thefford and Denise Thompson Active 12-Feb-06
P-091211 Science With Attitude (SWAt) Local Educational Facilities Carolyn Trivette and Tammie Gurley Active 1-Jun-09
P-140410 Speakers Bureau Locally Karen Mangum Active 14-Apr-10
P-180308 Wildlife Rehab and Education Locally Barbara Kraus Active 08-Mar-18
P-100513 Texas Native Plant Art Exhibition Local Educational Facilities Marilyn Blanton Active 10-May-10
P-080314 Texas Our Heritage Demonstration Garden Heritage Elementary – Highland Village Janet Gershenfeld & Joan   Stanley Active 28-Feb-08
P-140311 Trees and Forests Management Locally Rita Lokie Active 13-Mar-14
P-130912 Trophy Club Nature Trails Trophy Club Kim Orlandella & Tom Mills Active 12-Sept-2013
P-180913. Valley Vista Nature Park Lewisville TBA Active 13-Sept,18
P-151203 Water Quality Monitoring (Stream Team)  Locally Jonathan Reynolds Active 3-Dec-15
P-070913 Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program (WHEP) Locally Susan Kilpatrick Active 13-Sep-07

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