Our Plastic Pollution Fight Continues – The Great Fishing Line Adventure

In August, our chapter launched a new project addressing plastic pollution.  The project is called The Great Fishing Line Adventures and has over 40 chapter members participating.  During the first 30 days, the team inventoried the Galveston area to locate any and all monofilament (used fishing line) tubes.  A current map of the known tubes only showed 14 in our area.  Our team’s investigation discovered over 94 tubes and has created a new map listing their locations.

The team has divided into three groups focusing on:

  • Assessment & Ownership
    • Inventory the Galveston Area
    • Status of tube
      • Working, Needs to be retrofitted, Needs to be Replaced
    • Identify Ownership of tube
    • Train New Monitors
  • Communication & Outreach
    • Create new signage based on feedback from team, bait show owners, other agencies
      • Sign to be printed in four languages & include pictures
    • Partner with other organizations
      • Partnering with Audubon Texas & Turtle Island Restoration Network
      • Leveraging others experiences
        • Florida Fish and Wildlife
    • Outreach efforts for:
      • School children
      • Fishing Tournaments
      • Other angler activities
  • Develop a Process to Sustain & Steward Effort
    • Create a 5 year plan
    • Review current requirements & amend
    • Yearly audits and inventories

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