2019 Issues

December 2019 – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Yellow-crowned night heron rules
  • Prairie Ponderings:  Measuring Change (ABNC prairie vegetation transects)
  • Coastal Corner: Used Fishing Line and the American Oystercatcher
  • Water Smart AT
  • Dolphin Challenge 2020 Needs You!
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life
  • Big Picture: Habitability (Search for life on Earth and beyond – Dragonfly launch –      Climate Changed)
  • TMN State Meeting 2019
  • Winning Photos
  • December/January Activities

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October 2019 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Boo! It’s a Cuban Treefrog
  • Prairie Ponderings: Deep Prairie Roots – research by John E. Weaver
  • Coastal Corner: The Prairie Adventure – public walks at GISP
  • Aldo Leopold’s Legacy from the Green Fire AT
  • Worms: The Good, the Bad and the Slimy
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Comanche Marker Trees
  • Frogfruit: Love it or Pull it?
  • Nurdle Patrol 101
  • Big Picture: Bennu to Biodiversity
  • Nominations for Treasures of the Bay
  • October/November Activities

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August 2019 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Changing Landscapes  – TCWP Partners at Anahuac and Exploration Green
  • Prairie Ponderings:  2019 Snapshot
  • Coastal Corner: Camp Wild Fun
  • Treasures of the Bay Educators Workshop
  • Making Hearts Sing – Education Outreach at Morgan Elementary
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt
  • AT: Why Ecology Still Matters, Part 3
  • Summer of Naturalists – Then and Now
  • The New Green Team
  • 2019 Annual Meeting
  • Turtle Hatchling Releases
  • August/September Activities

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June 2019 Midden – Table of Contents:

  • Wetland Wanderings: Texas Wetlands at the Houston Zoo
  • Prairie Ponderings: Restoring a Prairie:  Curtis Prairie – oldest prairie restoration at 86 years
  • Coastal Corner: Our Sea Turtle Saga Continues
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Texas Market Hunting
  • Attwater’s Update!
  • Changes to VMS
  • On Pluto, It’s Been Spring Since 1990 – Earth has the best springtime in the solar system
  • June/July Activities

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April 2019 Midden – Table of Contents:

  • Wetland Wanderings: Ballparks and Other Parks
  • Prairie Ponderings: Prairie Kingsnakes
  • Coastal Corner: The Great Fishing Line Tube Adventure
  • AT: Why Ecology Matters! Part 2
  • The Mysterious Mast Seeding of Oak Trees
  • Camp Wild – WE NEED YOU!
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of The Hidden Life of Trees
  • The Big Picture: Suns and Moons or Our Place in Space
  • Save the Date: School Art at Morgan Elementary
  • Whooping Cranes
  • When Iris Eyes Are Smiling
  • AT: Of Monarchs, Milkweed, & Migration
  • April/May Activities

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February 2019 Midden – Table of Contents:

  •    Wetland Wanderings: A Natural Solution to Climate Change
  •    Prairie Ponderings: Happy New Year, Prairie Enthusiasts!
  •    Coastal Corner: Teaming with Students
  •    Golden-cheeked Warbler 2019 (re-cert pin)
  •    Jim Duron – 20,000 Hours of Service
  •    Treasures of the Bay Award Recipients 2018
  •    School Play – education outreach fun at Oppe Elementary
  •    Heritage Book Study: Review of A Texan Plan for the Texas Coast
  •    Let’s Talk about Raptors – be prepared for Hawk Watch 2019
  •    The Big Picture: Space and Time
  •    2019 Board of Directors
  •    Guppies from Julie
  •    February/March Activities

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