The Green Team at work

It is well known that our Chapter has several on-going opportunities where volunteers pick up plastic waste on land and in water.  The Green Team is a GBAC committee who wanted to take plastic elimination a step further by investigating how we can reduce and eliminate single use plastics at our meetings.

In a short time this committee has implemented several ideas.

  • Eliminate as much plastic as possible from the 2019 class items.  Melamine plates are being replaced with Corelle which was seen as the safest alternative with an affordable price point and relatively low carbon footprint. Plastic “camping”  flatware is being replaced with metal. Class members will be encouraged to bring their own coffee mug and water bottles.  Plastic binders are being replaced with heavy cardboard binders with a distinctly natural look.
  • At the January luncheon meeting for new class volunteers,  a trial run of their waste disposal and recycling was completed.  They introduced a “Carry in, carry out” policy which was well received. Very little waste was generated and members did a good job of disposing in the correct bins.

You’ll be hearing more about the Green Team in the future.  If you would like to get involved with this team, contact Sally Pachulski, Robin Kendrick-Yates or Stephanie Shipp.

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