Reporting hours

Why report hours?

Volunteer Service and AT hours are important to you and to the Chapter! For example, if you report insufficient hours, you will not certify or re-certify. If the Chapter reports insufficient hours, we cannot expect continued sponsorship and dedicated resources, such as the services of our Sponsor Representative (Julie).

These hours acquire a monetary value that may be used as an in-kind match when we, sponsors and partners are seeking grant funds for a particular project or program. In 2014, we reported 36,738 hours, valued by the State of Texas at $859,669 (sorry, no pay raises for volunteers!).

How to report

You are responsible for tracking and reporting Advanced Training and Volunteer Service hours. At the start of the year, you will receive a blank Report Form from Chapter Membership Director. Email completed forms – ideally, on a monthly basis – to

For those of you who don’t use Excel, attached is a printable PDF version that you can fill in by hand and mail to the membership director:

2015 Member Report Form – Click Here to Print

Certification requirements

You are required to report specified numbers of Volunteer Service and Advanced Training hours in order to achieve your initial Master Naturalist certification and in order to re-certify every year.

  • Initial certification – You must take the training class and complete 40 hours of Volunteer Service and eight hours of Advanced Training within 15 months of the start of the training class. For example, if your class starts in February 2015, you have until May 2016 to complete the Volunteer Service and Advanced Training requirements for initial certification.
  • Re-certification – To retain your certification, you must complete complete 40 hours of Volunteer Service and eight hours of Advanced Training every year. These hours are added to lifetime totals, eventually qualifying you for milestone awards, such as 25o or 500 hours, up to 10,000 hours. The accumulation of hours expires on December 31; hours cannot be carried forward to the following year.

More information

If you have questions on hours and reporting, please contact us.



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