TMN-GLC to host Invaders of Texas advanced training on March 16, 2019

TMN-GLC will host an Invaders of Texas advanced training following the March 16, 2019 chapter meeting at Camp Kubena in Ledbetter, Texas. Join the network of citizen scientists locating, identifying, reporting, and removing invasive species. This program is open to other TMN chapters and members of the public. Persons who plan to attend the full-day workshop are asked to RSVP to Judy Deaton.

Training agenda

  9:30      Welcome and Introductions
  9:40      Invasive Species: General Concepts
10:30      Prevention & Management
11:00      Break (10 min.)
11:10      Invaders of Texas Program
11:45      The Sentinel Pest Network & REPORT IT!
12:30      Lunch (45 min.)
  1:15      Introduction to Plant Identification

  1:30      Regional Invasive Plant Identification (may include outside “field” trip)
  2:45      Break (10 min.)
  2:55      Invaders of Texas Program Logistics:

  General Considerations:

        • Field Preparation
        • Data collection & entry
        • Digital imaging & data validation

  Creating user accounts

  3:30       Invaders Data Collection and Reporting:

  TX Invaders Mobile Application

  4:00       Outside “field” trip: Practice plant ID
  4:20        Closing & Evaluations
  4:30        Adjourn

For more information about invasive species and the Invaders of Texas program, click here for the program website.

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