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Our chapter’s librarian is Cindy Rodibaugh.  If you are looking for a resource, please check our list of online resources listed below.  We also have materials that you can borrow.  These are listed under Chapter Library (below).  There is also a list of good books that many members have found to be useful.  You will likely want to add these to your collection.

Online Resources

Introduction to the Gideon Lincecum Chapter
Material presented to the 2010 class on the chapter mission, operations, and organization. Be patient it is about 5 MB and may take some time, particularly if you do not have a high-speed connection.
Introduction to Gideon Lincecum Chapter

Bird Habitat Plants with Flammability Ratings
Acrobat document Bird Habitat Plants with Flammability ratings Bird
Habitat Plants with Flammability ratings.pdf

Browse Plants of the Post Oak Savannah
TPWD ranking of plants preferred by deer
Acrobat document Browse Plants.pdf

Brush and Weeds of Texas Rangelands

By Charles R. Hart, Barron Rector, C. Wayne Hanselka, Robert K. Lyons and Allan McGinty. This easy-to-use field guide includes plant descriptions, identifying characteristics, geographic distribution, and habitat descriptions, along with range maps and multiple color photos for over 100 species.Available at the Texas AgriLife Extension bookstore.
Acrobat document  Brush and Weeds.pdf

Central Region Seedling ID Guide for Native Plants
Natural Resources Conservation Service publication
The goal of this guide is to help identify native plants at various stages of growth. Color photos illustrate seed, seedling, juvenile, and flowering stages, in addition to a distinguishing characteristic. Brief text provides additional identification help. Acrobat document  mopmcseedling ID.pdf

Fayette Lake Tree List
Trees identified in October, 2008
Daniel Lewis led a tree ID hike on the birding trail at Oak Thicket Park at Fayette Lake, and these species were seen. Use this list as a checklist for your next visit to the park. See photos of the trees at Benny Simpson’s Texas Native Trees.
Acrobat document Tree list, Lake Fayette.pdf

Native Prairie Remnants Brochure (GLC)
This is a publication prepared by the chapter’s committee on Native Prairies. It describes the importance of the native prairie and our recognition program. Acrobat document  Native Prairie Broc Final v5.pdf

Oak Tree Identification
US Forestry Service Publication – 2003
Field Guide to Native Oak Species of Eastern North America. This is a very thorough book on oaks. We used to give out the spiral-bound book to MN classes for a couple of years, but they are no longer in print. You can download your own copy as a PDF file. It is 8.4 MB, so it may take a while if you are on a dial-up Internet service. Acrobat document  Field guide to Oaks USFS.pdf

Prairie Remnant ID and Confirmation Checklist
This is a product of the Native Prairie Restoration Committee of our chapter. This is the document to use to check out a piece of property suspected of being a native prairie remnant.  Prairie Remnant Process v2.pdf

Providing for Backyard Wildlife
TPWD publication
A do-it-yourself guide for feeders, houses and plants.  Acrobat document Providing for Wildlife.pdf

The Dangers of Invasive Species
TPWD publication
Contains listing of “good” native plants and some common exotics to  Acrobat document pdf file

Favorite Web Sites

Click on this link to find dozens more web sites that we enjoy.

Favorite Books You Have to Buy

Grasses of Southern Oklahoma and North Texas
by Coffey and Stevens
A very good grass ID color picture book by the Noble Foundation. Pictures are all in natural settings. This helps sometimes, and causes problems at others. Order online from Noble

Grasses of the Texas Hill Country
by Loflin and Loflin
Don’t let the title fool you. It has all the grasses we have here as well. This is a very good book for grass ID. Steven Hatch was the scientific advisor. It has color pictures with black background that help you see the details.

Restoration Manual for Native Habitats of South Texa
The Caesar Kleberg Research Institute has just published (2008) “Restoration Manual for Native Habitats of South Texas.” There is a preview of the book on their web site at It looks like it will be of interest to many of us.

Wildflowers of Texas
by Geyata Ajilvsgi
This is recognized “bible” of wildflowers for this area. Get the 2003 revised edition. It has a yellow upper right corner on the cover.

Chapter Library

We have several books, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs and other publications for lending.  Please click here for a list of our current library holdings.  If you find something you would like to borrow, please contact, our chapter’s librarian, Cindy Rodibaugh.

Looking for more?  Ask  your fellow master naturalist or check some of our favorite web sites listed above.

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