Advanced Training:

Please email the AT Proposal Form to Cinde Thomas-Jimenez.

Make sure you save the forms to your computer after they are downloaded.  Use the TAB key to navigate through the form.

AT Overview and Guidelines

AT Master List 2014

AT Proposal Form


Volunteer Activities:

The following are guidelines as to what types of projects fall within the Chapter or Non-Chapter umbrellas.  Additionally, an explanation of the organization of each committee is provided. To help in understanding the different roles, please review the committee descriptions below:

Chapter Project Committee –

Chapter Projects are those for which we can claim major ownership and would likely include many of the TMN’s.  Projects include such activities such as:
a. Resource Development (trails, plantings, hands-on projects, etc. eg: Hoermann Tract)
b. Plan and carry out education and outreach activities tied to Chapter Projects

1) Creates kits and/or requests kits from TPWD and other agencies
2) Trains members to carry out activities
3) Maintains kits (eg: Geronimo Creek Watershed and Monarch Kits)

– Send proposals for new Chapter Projects to Jim Dyess

Non-Chapter Volunteering Committee-

a. Seek out and encourage participation in support of programs developed by others.
b. Non-Chapter Volunteering includes activities such as:

1) Citizen scientist activities (such as Nature Tracker, Yearly Bird Counts, Texas Invaders, CoCoRahs and Stream Team)

2) Education using curriculum provided by others (eg: ILSOLC, AgriLife)

3) Resource development projects designed by others that are not considered Chapter Projects (eg: Crescent Bend, ILSOLC, Mesquite Creek)

c. Identify, approve and provide to Communications Committee for sending to members

Send proposals for Non-Chapter Volunteering Events to Liz Romero


Make sure you save the forms to your computer after they are downloaded.  Use the TAB key to navigate through the form.

VT Overview and Guidelines


2014 Volunteer Events Approved List

VT Proposal Form

The following form needs to be submitted for each Outreach Event.

GMN -Client Count for Outreach Events

GMN -Event Sign In Sheet_2014


Submittal of Hours:

Please go to the statewide Texas Master Naturalist Volunteer Management System to report hours.  The link below will take you  there.

TXMN Volunteer Management System

How do I enter hours? CLICK HERE


Request for Reimbursement

Occasionally you may need to be reimbursed by the Chapter for expenses made related to chapter business.  Save the form at the link below and add the requested information.  Approval is needed prior to submitting to the treasurer.

GMN Reimbursement Form


Logo Image Files

Right Click over the image then Save Image as to your computer or Copy the Image and Paste onto your document.

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AgriLife_TPWD_Logo_White Guadalupe Chapter Logo



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