Nature Gift Guide

Need a gift for a nature lover? for yourself? We can help!

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Amazon Quick Links

  • Texas field guides -Simplify identifying the species you saw today. Focus on the ones in our State.
  • DVDs: Butterflies – Up close sightings and practical facts -Fun education through film.
  • DVDs: Insects– Fascinating documentary films to delight your senses and increase your knowledge.
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife -Get issues of this terrific magazine delivered to your home.
  • Binoculars -Observe the birds and other animals up close without disturbing their life.
  • Handheld GPS -Get your coordinates for that unknown species, your project boundary, the tree with the endangered species roosting in it, your geo-cache.
  • Rite in the Rain notebooks -Write with pen or pencil; no smudges from humidity, sweat, or rain.
  • How to: Nature Writing -Improve your articles, essays, pamphlets, and books to reach and teach your audience.
  • Poison Ivy -Those leafy vines are everywhere. Eventually you will get into it. Keep these products on hand in your pack.

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