Service Project and Advanced Training Guidelines
by Al Kirchner

Volunteer Service Projects:

* Forty hours of project service per year are required to qualify for or to maintain Master Naturalist Certification
* Must be direct hours spent on Texas Master Naturalist project
* The Service Project must be approved in advance by the Project and Training Committee
* Time spent on Chapter Leadership positions is a valid service
* There are few constraints, excepting that volunteer service must be dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within our community
* Volunteer hours credited for the Texas Master Naturalist program may not be credited from or to another Master Volunteer program

Advanced Training:

* Eight hours of advanced training are required to quality for or maintain Master Naturalist Certification
* Advanced training must be approved in advance by the Project and Training Committee

The Texas Master Naturalists Guidelines are as follows:

o Promote continued learning and development of naturalist skills
o Provide Master Naturalists with knowledge and skills to work in volunteer efforts
o Direct trained volunteers toward specific programs in need of their services
o Provide practical information and training for application in volunteer efforts
o Take advantage of local partnerships
o Provide Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests in one or a few specific topics
o Build on the core curriculum initially provided by the local chapter
o Provide natural resource management issues and information applicable to Texas

Statewide Curriculum

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