February Chapter Meeting

Craig Hensley, Park Interpreter/Resource Specialist at Guadalupe River State Park,  was our featured speaker presenting “Slitherin’ Snakes Alive”. He began by discussing Common Lizards of Texas such as the Easter Tree Lizard, Texas Spiny Lizard, Texas Spotted Whiptail, Crevice Spiny Lizard, and Texas Alligator Lizard.

Next he presented information about common snakes in Texas and ranked them by most toxic with the Mojave Rattlesnake and Coral snake being most venemous and Cottonmouth and Copperhead being the least.

He concluded with a question and answer session and let members and guest view his native snake.

 Congratulations 2018 Officers, Directors, and Appointees!


Martelle Luedecke, President, Susan Montgomery, Vice President, Lori Greco, Secretary, Kim and Stennis Shotts, Co Treasurers.

Friends of Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery and Friends of Inks Lake State Park collect trash along Park Road 4.

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Photos courtesy of Phil Wyde


Christmas Party and Awards

Marvin receives the honor

Outgoing and Incoming President

Awards and Certification

Just fun


Photos courtesy of Martelle, Samm, Briezie, and maybe JP Luedecke.

Field Trip to Old Tunnel Bat Cave

Click to enlarge. Photos by Phil Wyde


Article in Texas Coop

This article tells how 10,000 volunteers in 48 chapters of the Texas Master Naturalist program, which is largest and oldest statewide program of its type, is helping to make a difference for the future of natural resources.

Congratulations Volunteers! 


Highland Lakes Master Naturalists awarded pins and certificates to members who had qualifying volunteers hours at the last Chapter Meeting.


Milestone Pins

Certifications and Recertifications

Click on photos to enlarge. Photos by Martelle Luedecke

Great Outdoor Project (G.O.P.) at Inks Lake State Park 2017

Photos by Sue Kersey


Congratulations Class of 2017

Graduation Ceremony at Bamberger Ranch

Photos by Susan Downey


Grand Opening of the Granite Shoals Wildlife Viewing Station

The City of Granite Shoals and Highland Lakes Master Naturalists joined together to create a community paradise and Sunday, April 30th was the grand opening of that effort.The two entities entered into a partnership Granite Shoals Wildlife Viewing Station Road which on 132 secluded acres at 2221 Phillips Ranch Road. The City of Granite Shoals provided the land as a park and Highland Lakes Master Naturalists (HLMN) provided the equipment, supplies, and manpower for the wildlife viewing station. At the opening day ceremony, Mayor Carl Brugger welcomed everyone, Fredi Franki of HLMN thanked all the volunteers, and Seth Smith, Chair of the Parks Advisory Committee invited us to return to enjoy the City’s numerous parks. And in the background, Goldfinches and Hummingbirds were entertaining at their feeders.

Members of the HLMN Board, Marvin Bloomquist, George Brugnoli, Melissa Duckworth, Fredi Franki, Ed Myatt, Linda O’Nan, and Allan Wolfe, approved funding for the Wildlife Viewing Station in December 2016 and the Membership approved the funding in the Fall of 2016. Work began in February 2017 and was mostly complete by the end of March. There were thirty-three volunteers logging in 839.5 hours to date. By Texas Parks and Wildlife standards, that is a value of $19,038.50 in labor. There were also hours recorded in the planning phase, but those have not been tabulated. Materials and equipment cost have been around $8,000.


Don’t Mess with Texas  Great Trash Off 2017

Don’t Mess with  Texas Great Trash Off is an event that is held once a year in partnership with Adopt-A-Highway program. It is the largest clean up event in Texas. Friends of Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery and Friends of Inks Lake State Park have adopted the two mile section along Park Road 4 in front of the Hatchery and to the entrance of the State Park under the Adopt-A-Highway program. These are photos are of the two groups at this year’s Don’t Mess with Texas Great Trash Off along Park Rd. 4.

2017 Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show

Phil Wyde reported the following activity at the HLMN Booth during the  Lawn and Garden Show:
1.  We had 385 people stop at our booth.
2.  Nearly 1/2 were children.
3.  With the possibility of only 2 adults every visitor showed interest and seemed to really like our
      presentations on ladybugs, dragonflies and damselflies.
4.  I heard many, “I did not know that!”  Also, “Wow, Amazing and Cool!”
5.  I also was asked numerous times about who to contact to become a Master Naturalist.  We really need
     handouts with some basic information about the HLMN, when the next class starts and how to get on a
     list.  I think that the number of requests showed that our group looked good!
6.  The Lady Bug and Dragon and Damsel Fly Trunks worked very well.  Lots of good material.
7.  Every HLMN Volunteer manning our booth was outstanding.  I think each of them had both a good time,
     and more importantly, a rewarding time.



Volunteers Ray  Buchanan, Eva, Hobbs, Pam Walt, Marry Musselman, Phil Wyde and Alice Rheaume

Photos by Sue Kersey

New Officers for 2017



Photo by Sue Kersey and Martelle Luedecke


  • President – Cathy Hill

  • Vice – President – Martelle Luedecke

  • Secretary – Karen Lundquist

  • Treasurer – Susan Downey

  • Past President and HLMN State Representative – Melissa Duckworth

  • Training Class Coordinators – Marcy Westcott and Ann Cook

  • Membership Chairman and VMS Coordinator – Marilyn McClain

  • Advanced Training and Volunteer Service Director – Terry Bartoli

  • Electronic Communications Coordinator – Marvin Bloomquist

  • Member-at-Large – Eva Hobbs and Morgan Beck 

Glass Recycling

Bring your “washed” glass containers and other items for recycling to the Chapter Meeting.


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