Invitation from the Class Director

From Reggie Cox, 2017 director of class training

Training Classes Start in August – Join Us!

The Hill Country of Texas is a beautiful and unique part of our state. Have you wondered how it came to be and what your part could be in keeping it natural or even helping your part of it to heal? 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department started the Master Naturalist program to train volunteers to help with various projects and education programs.  In the process of taking the classes, becoming a Master Naturalist, and volunteering on projects that interest you, you will gain the privilege of teaching others how to become involved with the natural beauty of the Hill Country.

If you would like an opportunity to participate in this learning experience consider joining the 2017 Master Naturalist class. The class meets for twelve Wednesdays starting August 23. Class size is limited to forty people so that you have the opportunity to know your classmates. You will learn from people who are leaders in the fields of plants, animals, riparian lands, geology, soils, grasslands, trees, climate, night skies, and more. These people will teach you about the Hill Country – the love they have for this unique area will be apparent in their words.

Perhaps the most telling part of the depth of commitment to Master Naturalist goals were the tears in the eyes of a Texas Parks and Wildlife employee sharing that a goal in his life was to be able to offer the chance for his son to see a Texas horned lizard, as he had done as a child. Another such moment was when a member of our own chapter asked us to find a project we loved and get busy while we still can. I will never forget these speakers and what they taught us.

When I took the class last year, I was prepared to learn a great deal about the Hill Country and how I could help with teaching and restoration efforts. I learned so much about where I live and how I can share what I learned with others while working in a pollinator garden or at a native plant sale. The added benefit I found during the class was the friends I gained. I was warmly welcomed to join projects like pollinator gardens, bird counts, butterfly counts, land stewardship, state park projects, wildlife management, and removing invasive plants from a creek.

Do you want to learn to lead a hike at Enchanted Rock, Lost Maples, or Honey Creek? Or participate in a night skies program, help maintain natural gardens, volunteer in one of the nature centers in our ten-county chapter, and more? When you go on the field trips during the classes, you’ll see for yourself all that goes on and how you can help.

Contact our Membership Director, Lisa Flanagan, at if you would like further information.

To apply online, fill in the application on our website at

The deadline for submitting applications is June 30. I look forward to greeting the members of the Class of 2017 in August!


Apply today for the 2017 Master Naturalist Class.  The application deadline is June 30.  Classes begin on August 23.  Classes are held in Kerrville every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to about 1:00 or 1:30 p.m.  Commencement is Wednesday, November 15.

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