Master Naturalists are life-long learners. We look, listen, observe. We take time to be aware of the natural world and educate ourselves and others.

Apps and Podcasts
Online resources help expand our interests and knowledge.

Book and Blogs
The written word informs and inspires us.

Presentations and Videos
Talented members and presenters share their experiences and expertise.

LMAP Experts
Science-based and expert assistance is available for Hill Country landowners. Our chapter answers landowners’ questions through our Land Management Assistance Program.

Plants and Pollinators
Native Texas plants need native Texas pollinators to thrive. Our chapter plans pollinator gardens through our Pollinator Garden Assistance and Recognition program.

We teach folks to care for our natural resources and our communities benefit from our volunteer projects. We’ve earned the pins to prove it.

Friend of the Chapter Award
Friends of the Hill Country Chapter are recognized for their contributions to the chapter.

Being a Texas Master Naturalist is fun!

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