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Welcome to the Texas Master Naturalist, Hill Country Chapter New Class Application portal.

We are very pleased you are considering joining our dynamic Volunteer Training Program organization.

Texas Master Naturalist mission  is to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities for the state of Texas.

Complete the Three-Step Application process:

  1. Submit the Hill Country Chapter application form found below.
  2. Complete and submit the state level Texas Master Naturalist Volunteer Application including Background Check approval at
    • Remember your User Name and Password.
    • All background checks must be completed in order to be accepted.
    • Your application will not be accepted if these steps are not completed.
  3. Upon notification of acceptance, submit tuition payment online with Amazon Payments within two weeks. Failure to pay within two weeks of acceptance will forfeit class seat.

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  • Your information is confidential and seen only by the Hill Country Chapter Board of Directors.  It will not be provided to any others or any other organization.
  • Application period runs April 01 to June 30.  Applications must be received by June 30, 2017 to be considered for the Fall 2017 Hill Country Chapter Training Course.  Applicant selection and notification will be completed on or before August 01.
  • Class size is limited, application selection will be based upon answers provided to the questions on the application.
  • Responses about your interest in the Hill Country Chapter, your past volunteer involvements, areas in which you would like to become involved as a volunteer, and skill sets that you could employ in your chapter activities will weigh heavily in the selection process.
  • View our more than 100 Approved Volunteer Projects at
  • Timeliness (earlier application date) may also be considered, especially in the event of individuals who tie with only one class seat remaining.
  • Once class selection is complete, the top three applicants not chosen will be placed on a priority waiting list. (Occasionally life changes preclude chosen applicants from accepting a class seat.)
  • Additional consideration may be given to applicants who were not able to join the class in an earlier year in recognition of their continued interest in the Texas Master Naturalist program and the Hill Country Chapter.
  • Financial aid for either full tuition or partial tuition may be offered based upon funds available and applicant need. Email our membership director for information.

2017 Training Course Application

  • Best number to contact you.
  • Check all that apply. Your answers will help us with future marketing of the TMN program.
  • How do you envision giving back to your community? Volunteer aspects are most important but desire for personal growth and knowledge are valid.
  • In depth responses will be helpful. We offer more than 100 approved volunteer projects. Refer to the project link above ( for descriptions.
  • In depth response will be helpful. What excited you about the outdoors?
  • Many current members had no previous volunteer experience due to career, family, health, or other obligations. We understand that life may have prevented volunteer efforts. Please note any situations and participations such as PTA, scouting, youth athletics, church, classes, or other activities. Note average monthly hours volunteered for each organization.
  • Skills might include teaching, outdoor skills, computer, public speaking, specific knowledge, or others. In depth response will be helpful. What skills do you have that you want to share?
  • The following are general project categories. Within these categories our chapter offers more that one hundred specific activities.
  • TEXAS MASTER NATURALIST CODE of ETHICS: Each member, in striving to meet the mission, goals and objectives of the Master Naturalist program, pledges to: 1. Subscribe to the highest standards of integrity and conduct. 2. Promote and support the statewide and local Master Naturalist program 3. Respect the state sponsors of Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas AgriLife Extension and their roles and expectations. 4. Disseminate information to promote understanding of, and appreciation for, the values of our natural resources. 5. Strive to increase knowledge and skills to advance as a Master Naturalist volunteer 6. Promote competence as a Master Naturalist volunteer by supporting high standards of education, service and performance. 7. Encourage the use of sound biological information in education and outreach and in management decisions. 8. Support fair and uniform standards of service and treatment of those engaged in the Master Naturalist program. 9. Know and follow established program guidelines and policies 10. Abide by chapter bylaws 11. Avoid use of the Master Naturalist title, logos and trademarks for personal endeavors and/or profit. 12. Act as trustworthy and ethical stewards of the environment 13. Never inappropriately disturb or harass wildlife, never inappropriately remove anything from its natural state or area. ----- TEXAS MASTER NATURALIST STANDARDS of CONDUCT : Master Naturalist program volunteers shall at all times: 1. Uphold the Commitment made to the program and the required volunteer and advanced training hours required by the program. 2. Uphold the dignity and integrity of the Master Naturalist program. They shall endeavor to avoid even the suspicion of dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or unprofessional demeanor. 3. Conduct themselves appropriately to context and setting at all times. 4. Be considerate and respect other’s points of view. 5. Keep accurate records of volunteer service, training and research, and regularly notify your local chapter of these records. 6. Avoid performing service when such service is judged to be contrary to the Code of Ethics or detrimental to the well-being of the program and its sponsors. 7. Provide maximum possible effort in the best interest of each client and/or volunteer project regardless of the degree of remuneration. 8. Be mindful of their responsibility to society and the program. 9. Studiously avoid discrimination in any form, or the abuse of program authority, certification, or membership for personal satisfaction. Avoid advocacy, lobbying, or promoting political issues. 10. Cooperate fully with professionals and other Master Naturalist volunteers in the best interest of our natural resources. 11. Refrain from advertising in a self-laudatory manner, beyond statements intended to inform prospective clients or members of qualifications, or in a manner detrimental to the Master Naturalist program and its volunteers. 12. Avoid all use of alcohol and controlled substances while on duty as a Master Naturalist volunteer. Reporting for service while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will result in termination from volunteer service. 13. Accept responsibility for decisions made and actions taken based on these decisions. 14. When in doubt, the safe course should always be taken.
  • MASTER NATURALIST, HILL COUNTRY CHAPTER VOLUNTEER PLEDGE I understand that in exchange for training made possible through the Hill Country Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist program, I will volunteer at least 40 hours of my time toward approved projects and complete 8 hours of approved Advanced Training within the period from August 2016 through December 31, 2017. I understand that I will become a Certified Texas Master Naturalist when I complete the required classes, Advanced Training, and Volunteer hours. I also understand that to maintain certified status, I must complete 40 hours of Volunteer Service and 8 hours of Advanced Training each year thereafter. I understand that in consideration of being accepted as a participant in the Texas Master Naturalist volunteer program, I hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless the program and its sponsoring state agencies, their agents, employees, officers and successors, from and against the program and sponsoring state agencies, their successors, employees, or officers for all personal injuries (including death), known and unknown or damage to property caused by or arising out of activities performed under the Texas Master Naturalist program. Texas Master Naturalist program state agency sponsors, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, require all volunteers undergo background screening. Volunteers may not fulfill their duties until the background screening has been conducted and approved. Screening will be required every three years. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension accepts previous screenings from certain entities; however, proof of screening must be provided. Specific instructions and details of the screening process will be outlined during training. I understand if I choose to provide volunteer services under the auspices of the Texas Master Naturalist program a prior background screening is required.
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