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Volunteer service is the reason for our existence.

Volunteer service provides education and outreach dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas in our communities.  Our Chapter has approved more than 80 volunteer service projects across ten counties.  You are sure to find a place where you can make a difference.

Chapter Approved Projects 2019-11-11

(Lists change as projects are frequently added or updated)


Open the Excel list to read projects’ descriptions and find contact information. Use the VMS drop-down list to enter hours.

  • Each approved project has a project coordinator, a member who has volunteered to be the contact person for the project.  Email the project coordinator for information.
  • Each approved project has a chapter project ID code. Use the code to report volunteer service hours online with VMS each month, including travel time in your hours.

If in doubt about which project code to use to report hours, please read the project descriptions and/or check this chart to find the most appropriate project code.

If the volunteer activity is not specifically listed by name it is most likely not an approved project. Please do not arbitrarily enter hours for an unapproved project under any code. This causes us to be flagged during state audits and creates many steps of extra work for your VMS team. Contact us before volunteering to determine if an unlisted project qualifies for reportable hours. Questions? Email the VMS projects manager or VMS Data Manager


Approved Projects

Our chapter’s approved volunteer projects provide many opportunities for meaningful service. Members are free to volunteer on any approved project in any of our ten counties. Provide service on as many or as few projects as you choose.

“Approved” volunteer projects have been reviewed and approved by the Director of Volunteer Service Projects. Approved projects meet the mission and standards established by the Texas Master Naturalist state program. Volunteer service project opportunities can be presented by various entities ranging from the state program sponsors, the chapter, local chapter partners, an individual volunteer, nature centers, schools, city, county, state, and federal agencies. The majority of projects are activities of organizations, individuals, or locations, and are submitted for review by a chapter member who is willing to be the contact for the project.

Ready to create and lead a new project? Review the Volunteer Service Requirements, then use the New Project Proposal form to submit your project for review.


Hill Country Chapter Codes

Our project codes are created by our chapter for our chapter’s internal use. Codes are only relevant to the Hill Country Chapter. Key to understanding chapter project codes:

Hey Members! Here is a quick guide to help you choose project code extensions when reporting hours on VMS.

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