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More than 80 approved volunteer projects. You’re sure to find a project to love.

Approved Volunteer Projects 2018-8-25  -or-   login to VMS

(List changes as projects are updated during the year)

Our chapter’s approved volunteer projects list provides many opportunities for meaningful service.  Each member should find appealing projects where they can “make a difference”.   Members are free to volunteer on any approved project in any of our ten counties.  Provide service on as many or as few projects as you choose.

“Approved” volunteer projects have been reviewed by the Director of Volunteer Service Projects.  Approved projects meet standards established by the Texas Master Naturalist state program. Most volunteer projects originate outside the chapter. The majority of projects are activities of organizations, individuals, or locations, and are submitted for review by a chapter member who is willing to be the contact for the project.

  • Each approved project has a chapter coordinator.  Contact the project coordinator for information.
  • Each approved project has a chapter project ID code.  Use the code to report volunteer service hours online with VMS each month, including travel time in your hours.

Chapter project codes are used only by the Hill Country Chapter.

Key to understanding chapter project codes:
project coding diagram










Ready to create and lead a brand new project?   Use the New Project Proposal form to submit your project for review.


New projects and active projects are featured in our newsletter and in Project Spotlights on our website.

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