2018 Footprints

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Trail Blazers and friends, here you will find current activities for the year 2018.  The Indian Trail Master Naturalist chapter is involved in a wide range of activities and projects.  These are the FOOTPRINTS we leave behind.  If you want to see what is going on, just select a link.  Prior year happenings can be found Along The Trail.  


Mockingbird Nature Park

Kachina Prairie

Cerf Park Butterfly Garden, Ennis Public Library

Urban Forestry

Activities & Learning:

Plant Family Study Group

Midlothian Centerpiece work & Volunteer Dinner

Winter Tree Decorating:

The Winter Tree Decorating event was attended by 19 trail blazers and 2 family members.  The tree decorating is an annual happening intended to help hungry birds survive the cold winter months.  Rena Sutphin organized the event this year.  Participants made bird treats and hung them at various locations in Ennis, Waxahachie and Midlothian.  It was a fun day for all who braved the cold.

Certifications and Re-certifications:




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