2018 Kachina Prairie

Kachina Prairie Prescribed Burn occurred on March 21, 2018.   Prescribed burning is a very important management tool for maintaining and enhancing grasslands. For thousands of years, tall grass prairies and open brushlands were kept free of trees by the occasional wildfires that cleared the landscape. These fires were caused by lighting or set intentionally by Native Americans. They had discovered that fire killed woody plants but encouraged fruit bearing shrubs and forage producing grasslands.

Ten members attended this long, awaited burn.  The “burn boss” Larry LeBeau (Texas Parks and Wildlife) explained what was going to happen and why we were waiting and waiting for…the wind, humidity and temperature to be right before the burn could happen.  Sharon Lane demonstrated the proper use of a “flapper” and rake. It was a successful burn. It will be exciting to see what grows at Kachina Prairie over the next few weeks and months.  Participating organizations: Texas Parks and Wildlife, Indian Trail Master Naturalist, Ennis Fire Department, Ennis Garden Club.

February 16th was a regularly scheduled workday at Kachina Prairie. Jim Patak lead the effort, and everyone enjoyed nature finds along the trail.


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