20th Anniversary in 2020

In 2020, the Lindheimer Chapter celebrates 20 Years of Service, Education and Outreach.  Check back often for updates and news in 2020.

From Art Williams: ATTENTION LMN’ERS! Next year is 2020 and that means it’s the 20th anniversary of the start of our chapter. It has been a great run. We’ve trained hundreds of folks on important topics in nature, provided thousands of hours of community work, and we are approaching 200 active members in the chapter. We are becoming a powerful force for good in Comal County. In recognition of that, the board wants to make next year one of reflection and celebration, looking back on how we started, recognizing what we’ve achieved, and looking forward to where we want to go. I have agreed to chair the committee that will plan and oversee the projects and activities that will make all this happen, and I really need some good members to help do it. Those who sign on will be making a one year commitment. It will involve planning meetings (probably a lot at first) and some participation in the events and activities we organize.

In return, you will be part of the engine that will drive the Lindheimer Master Naturalist chapter through 2020—and you will earn lots of volunteer hours to bolster your lifetime total. If you are interested in helping, write Art Williams at nosko@gvtc.com. RIGHT NOW!


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