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First Sunday Big Thicket Hike

The Kirby Nature Trail’s outer loop in Hardin County was the site of the National Park Service’s Big Thicket First Sunday Hike for February 2020, and Longleaf Ridge members enjoyed the interpretive hike led by Ranger Alex Halbrook. The loop treks through three different ecosystems starting with gentle slopes graced by American Beech and Southern Magnolia, descending into a Baygall thicket populated with Swamp Titi, Water Tupelo and Bald Cypress, and finally emerging on the banks of Village Creek. Ranger Alex kept the hike interesting and entertaining, having… Read More →

10,000 New Longleaf Pines in the Big Thicket

On January 20, 2020, we helped the National Park Service celebrate a decade of restoring the Big Thicket by replanting native longleaf pine seedlings in the Big Sandy Unit. Longleaf Ridge assisted with eight out of about one hundred volunteers. We were also joined by our friend Adrian Van Dellen. The goal was to plant 10,000 seedlings by 3:30 and we were finished by about 12:30 pm! Then there was nothing left to do but eat the pizza they provided, pick up our celebratory T-shirts, and visit a… Read More →