Junior Naturalists Field Trip: Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates

Our Junior Naturalists ended 2017 with a field trip to Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop to learn about Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates. The activities were led by Master Naturalists Bill Brooks (fish) and Alysa Joaquin (aquatic invertebrates), with Master Naturalists Kim Iberg, Kelly Alecci, and Nancy Rabensburg helping out. The Junior Naturalists practiced casting a fishing line, learned about habitats, and searched for invertebrates in the river to look at in the microscope. A big THANK YOU to Master Naturalists Cat and Frank May for cooking lunch for everybody!

Master Naturalist Michelle Belden was there to document the day on video:

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Junior Naturalists with the parents and Master Naturalist volunteers; Ruby spot damselfly

The Colorado River beach at Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop, TX; Mayfly nymph

A Junior Naturalist’s fly friend (she found him in the water and he wouldn’t leave!)

Adult mayfly; Bill Brooks shows off his “pet” skunk

Adult mayfly and adult caddisfly as seen in the microscope

Mayfly nymph as seen in the microscope. Note the gills on the side of the body.



About Alysa

A polymer chemist/engineer with an obsession for bugs (and birds). Passionate about outreach and education for people of all ages, and strives to make science (including nature!) accessible to everyone. Serving as the Lost Pines chapter's Outreach Director.
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2 Responses to Junior Naturalists Field Trip: Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates

  1. Larry says:

    This is absolutely fantastic cooperation among many talented folks! Together you have launched story telling to a new pinnacle, including more of the human senses. These programs with our junior naturalists are riveting, well planned and sure to make important impressions. Welcome to our blog; we need to see many more like this one in the future. Well done!

    • Alysa says:

      Thank you Larry! I love working with our Junior Naturalists and meeting budding naturalists at our outreach activities. We have a great chapter and I want the whole world to know it! Thank you for laying such an excellent foundation for our media.

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