How to Log Initial Training Field Class Hours

POMN basic field classes


*Field classes labeled as Advanced Training can be logged as basic initial training if needed to meet 40-hour minimum; you cannot log the same field class as both Advanced Training and basic initial training.

  1. click on VMS Volunteer Login
  2. enter user ID & PW
  3. click on Report my Service
  4. use drop down box “select an opportunity to report hours/service”
  5. select “Initial MN Training”
  6. At Service Date: fill in date of field class
  7. enter the number of hours scheduled for the field class on the schedule
  8. use drop down box to select for “what did you think?”
  9. In Describe box: type in title of field class activity as given in class schedule
  10. Click on Logoff in upper right-hand corner

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