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Clyer Meadow
We had a great trip to Clymer Meadow Preserve yesterday. For all of you interested in the native flowers of North Texas, Austin College and Boanical Research Institute of Texas have an online vearsion of Shinners & Mahler’s Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas. You may also order the hard copy. The web address is: It has excellent photos.

Sheri Schwed
4/25/2010 7:28p

RE: Clymer Meadow
Oops, a typo!

Sheri Schwed
4/25/2010 7:28p

RE: Clyer Meadow
Oops, a typo, I meant Clymer Meadow

Sheri Schwed
4/25/2010 7:29p

RT Hummingbird
I had my first hummer about 5:30pm this afternoon.
I had gone to ATWOODS today and bought new feeders. They are on special for $6.88 & hold 16ozs.
Put out Dove & Quail for the buntings they will be here any time now.
Happy Birding!

Mary and Patricia Ferguson
4/3/2010 7:58p

JW and Bobby,
I loved your article about Owls. I did a series on owls at the library last year and became absolutely fascinated by them. I often hear the Barred Owl outside my bedroom window and one night saw one on the ground in my yard right next to my carport. I went outside and one of my kittens was spread eagled on top of my pickup, trying to hide. The owl then flew to a nearby tree. I shooed the owl off. 🙂 Last year I heard the Great Horned often but have not so far this year. There is the neatest book “Wesley the Owl” at the library. I loved it! Thanks for a great article. By the way, I’ll look for the early flowers. Haven’t seen any yet–too muddy for the golf cart! Sheri

Sheri Schwed
2/17/2010 8:58p

Green-tailed Towhee
This morning I noticed an unusual visitor under the big sweet gum grubbing in the leaves with whie-throated and white crowned sparrows. A visitor from the far west, Green-tailed Towhee. It possibly has a faulty GPS. Look close at all those “little brown jobs”!

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