We strive to help volunteers working with Chapter websites be a good experience. Using Centra to attend the training will be easy and fun. Follow the directions below to create your own login to Centra and then choose one of the dates below. Please use the Mozilla (firefox) browser.

How do I enroll?

  • Go to Centra login page at: http://webconference.tamus.edu/main/tce/index.jhtml?default=true or
  • If you do not have a Centra username and password, click the “Register for” link and create one for yourself.
  • After logging in, in upper left side of the page, click on “Enrollment” link to see a list of folders.
  • Click on the “Information Technology” folder,
  • Click on the “WordPress Training” folder  (topics, dates,events)
  • Click on the word “Enroll” to enroll in an event.

How do I make sure my computer will run Centra?

Make sure that the computer you’ll use to participate is set up to run Centra by running the system check before the event.

  • Go to http://eit.tamu.edu/centra.html and click the top link to get to the log in page.
  • Click the “System Check” link in the black bar below the Texas Cooperative Extension logo and follow the instructions. Have your microphone and speakers or headset plugged in to the computer so that you can complete the audio check as well.
  • If your computer doesn’t successfully pass the system check contact EIT at CentraHelp@ag.tamu.edu or 979.845.9689  (not open after hours)

How do I attend an event?

On the day BEFORE the event go to http://eit.tamu.edu/centra.html and click the top link to get to the log in page, then log in with your centra user ID and password. Fifteen minutes before the start time click the My Schedule link in the upper left corner. Finally, click the Attend link to the right of the Friday Online event to begin the event. Run a System Check Before the class starts.

Where can I get help or more information?

Please note: I recommend you set up and check your system the day before because these training are done after hours and  the help desk will not be open. For more the day before information visit http://eit.tamu.edu/centra.html, email CentraHelp@ag.tamu.edu or call EIT at 979.845.9689.

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