Patt Sims

Patt Sims is a charter member of the Tierra Grande Chapter, Texas Master Naturalists. While teaching at the Presidio Independent School District and serving on the Chihuahua Desert Research Institute board of directors she served on the founding committee sponsored by CDRI that lead to the creation of Tierra Grande in 2005.  Along with her classmates at the time Patt completed all required training and went on to become a fully certified Texas Master Naturalist which she maintains to this day.  Patt also serves on the chapter’s board of advisors.

Patt, now retired, was the Environmental Science Teacher at Presidio High School.  In 2008 she was recognized by the Highland Soil & Water Conservation District as its Conservation Teacher of the year.  She went on to be recognized as The Conservation Teacher of the Year for Region 2.  Followed up in Arlington, Texas where Patt was awarded State Conservation Teacher in Texas.

Patt and husband Ken live in Shafter, Texas.  Following are her articles, posts and experiences and written as Patt might say with “an eye toward teaching about the Chihuahua Desert.…I am a teacher after all.”


2010 – Bluebonnet

2010 – Butt Up Bug (Pinacate)

2010 – Western Massasauga : Legend of Elder Brother

2010 – It Is Not a Toad But It Definitely Has Horns

2010 – River CleanUp

2010 – Sun Spiders, Wind Scorpions, Camel Spiders

2011 – DANGER!

2011 – Fools, Yankees, and Mesquites

2011 – From the River Road

2011 – Monsoon Season

2011 – Ocotillo

2011 – Return of a Native

2011 – Return of the Buzzards

2011 – The River Road in Winter

2012 – A Voice From The Past

2012 – Larkwire

2012 – My Binoculars, Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

2012 – Teens and Birds

2012 –The Night Sky

2012 – THEY’RE BAAAAACCCCK…The Zombies Have Returned!

2012 – Up And Up Some More To The Hinckleys!

2013 – Where Did All Those Flowers Come From?

2014 – Desert Fires

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