Volunteer Management System Portal

Samaritan Technologies eRecruiterWelcome to the Texas Parks and Wildlife implementation of the Volunteer Management System (VMS) for Texas Master Naturalists from Samaritan Technologies.

VMS – Volunteer Login – you must already have a TPWD username; if you do not, you may obtain one below.

VMS – Administrator Login (eCoordinator 8.2) – any browser

Apply to Become a New Volunteer – If you are not already a Texas Master Naturalist, you may apply to become one here. You must search for and select a Master Naturalist opportunity; you will then be stepped through the registration forms. Current Texas Master Naturalists should contact their chapter administrators if you do not know your volunteer user ID; you should not use this feature.

Help Desk – TMN VMS – here you can find:

  • Current TMN VMS user guides and procedure documentation
  • Training videos on WebEx (Web Conferencing) and FreshDesk (the TMN Volunteer Management System Helpdesk)
  • Frequently asked questions about Samaritan’s Volunteer Management System (VMS) specific to the Texas Master Naturalist Program
  • Search for solutions to your question or ask a question about the TMN VMS system or the procedures

TPWD Volunteer FAQs – general questions answered concerning volunteering with TPWD

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